Thursday, 28 January 2016

Team Arrow Assembled


As promised, I have begun work on some models for the Batman Miniatures Game - my Team Arrow based off the TV show. Gathering the pieces has taken some time as I was torn on how to convert elements such as Roy Harper and John Diggle, but now I think I have made a breakthrough and finished assembling them.

Now all I need to do is get some paint on them! Plus, you know, actually learn to play the game...
The team so far - just Detective Lance and some Cops to add, I think!
Oliver Queen, The Arrow and eventually, the Green Arrow. This is the model from the comic books, but does closely resemble his appearance in Season Four, and since I am intending to use the "TV Arrow" as Roy Harper, this will be Oliver Queen for now! I like his pose, and think paint and better pictures will make this model look a lot better. 
John Diggle, "bodyguard" to Oliver Queen, ex-military man with some serious guns. This model was converted from the Red Hood with the head of one of Bane's henchmen. With the right paintjob, it should look very close to the look of the character from the show
Sara Lance, the original Black Canary. Member of the League of Assassin and general badass, she has her own model but is based on the comic book version. I converted the Talia al Ghul and intend to paint her with white hair as it looks a lot closer to Sara's look in the show
Roy Harper, aka Arsenal - sidekick to The Arrow and sometimes called the Red Arrow. Arsenal has his own model, but it is very stylised and based on the comic book version so I will use the "TV Arrow" model and paint it appropriately
Laurel Lance, Assistant DA and sister to Sara. General nuisance for most of the time, she eventually takes up the mantle of the Black Canary. For now, she will be a Cop with a flashlight!
Team Arrow out in force!
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