Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Infinity Terrain - Eco-Cars Pangit City Car


The Eco-Cars Pangit City Car is one of the smaller vehicles by Antenociti's Workshop, but it has a charm to it that I could not resist. Not every vehicle is going to be a massive sports car or industrial forklift truck after all, and little vehicles like this will fill the streets without restricting Line-of-Sight too much.

I painted the car in a cool blue with dark tinted windows and silver/grey doors. These neutral colours will sit nicely in the background of the board, not attracting as much attention as the brighter yellow or red vehicles. I painted it as cleanly as I could - very little weathering or battle damage as it is a civilian vehicle and would be cared for as such.

The Eco-Cars Pangit City Car
I am particularly happy with how the glass screen ended up looking
Different colours for the doors breaks up the colour scheme nicely
Surprising amount of boot space
Room for two?
Nomads graffiti a PanO car - the latest blow in their continuing war against the HYPERPOWER
I have two of these models, but this is the first and only one I have painted so far. For the second, I am thinking of a black and red colour scheme, or perhaps black and silver. The colour scheme will be more two-tone, inspired by Smart Cars I see around town.

In the future, I intend to finish my "Town Vehicle" box-set and then move on to painting some of the newly released vehicles - specifically the Bulabok City Cars (driving and parked) and the Taruca Motorbikes. At this rate I'll have traffic jams down the streets of Neon City!

Work in Progress
Vehicles by Antenociti's Workshop painted so far
The collection as it stands, minus the Crovane SUV by Microart Studio
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