Friday, 14 July 2017

Heartless Taskmaster

Something a little special this week for Infinity - the Taskmaster for the Nomad Nation, subtly converted with a new head to tie him in with the rest of the Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor. Normally a unit for Bakunin, I have swapped out the usual horned helm for that of a Mobile Brigada, tying him visually with my Heavy Infantry and making the team look more cohesive. I am branching out with the Nomads at the moment and painting a few units from the other Sectorials, but want them all to look good alongside one another.
Marcus Inaros took a deep drag on his cigarette and considered the monstrosity arrayed before him. His comrade Nacho was similarly looking over the immense warsuit, eyes darting to look at a small screen showing the Taskmaster armour in action. Incredible violence. The two men were looking to expand the armoury of the High Rollers, and had invited an old friend for a little chat. He had brought some serious merchandise with him this time.
"Tell me again why Bakunin have this kind of tech?" he ventured. Nacho snorted.
The arms dealer grinned - not a pleasant expression. It made him look like a shark. "Bakunin... there's a lot of stuff going off over there," The two men of Corregidor raised their eyebrows. "You watch Aristeia!, you know 8-Ball? Someone like him is the least of the Moderators' worries. Some nutjob over there gets enough money, buy themselves some combat implants... then they don't stop. Bakunin is not a place that encourages restraint. This - this suit, this is what they wear when they're fighting a ten-foot tall Panda with steel claws. This is what they need when the Pupniks get loose. Guaranteed results. You run this thing against some pirates out in the Belt - run this down the corridors of their rustbucket spaceship - you are going to fall in love." 
"I'm not going to ask how you got it... but I think Nacho here wants a test run." 

Now the men from Corregidor grinned, and even the jaded arms dealer felt a little chill.

The rest of the scheme is closely tied to the rest of the "High Rollers," with deep red, grey and orange. A glowing light on his forearm and two areas on his back have been painted in light turquoise, while the blade has been painted pink to match the other blades across the team

At first I was rather intimidated by the model - it is packed with detail, overlapping armour plates and is pretty big as well. Breaking down the red armour and painting the top half first, then the legs made for a much easier experience. In the end it only took a few hours

The weapon is painted a lighter grey than most of the other weapons in my force - this is a new style I will be going for as I believe it looks better

I love the aggressive pose, even though brandishing a close combat weapon seems a little strange when he is wielding a massive belt-fed machine gun in the other hand

The Taskmaster with two of the latest additions to the "High Rollers," the Gecko Pilot and Sin-Eater Observant, who has been recently seen on the battlefield acting as an Intruder with HMG

The Taskmaster usually comes equipped with a pair of Crazy Koalas, vicious mobile mines

Two Mobile Brigada square up alongside their bigger brother

Go-Go Marlene goes for a close-up

The Taskmaster is big, and on a bigger base to boot, but is definitely not a TAG

Rear view alongside his Bakunin comrade, the Sin-Eater Observant

The Taskmaster and Sin-Eater bring heavy firepower from the Soul of the Nomad Nation
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  1. Fantastic conversion, I really like it! Paint job is spot on as well!

  2. That is a very smart piece of work. Well done.

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  4. Very nice paintjob indeed ^^

    I discovered your blog searching for ALEPH stuffs and I really like your scheme.

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