Monday, 19 February 2018

Fast and Dirty


In preparation for the Battle for Tlalacon Dropfleet Commander Tournament Adam and I would be running, I had decided early in the year to run my Scourge fleet. This new force was assembled in the New Year, had a handful of practice games, and was a lot of fun to run - I loved the sheer amount of dice I could roll for the Plasma Storms and other Close Action Weaponry, and their speed was also refreshing.
Djinn-class Frigates

... but they were not painted. I was fairly horrified at the idea of fielding an unpainted force - something I think I have managed to avoid my entire gaming life, but with so much time dedicated to organising the event and preparing the logistical side of the gaming tables, I was running out of time.
Gargoyle-class Strike Carriers

The week before the tournament I managed to scrape together several evenings off, and resolved to bash them out as fast as possible. The results would probably not be my finest work, but I had the UCM as pride-of-place for now. I would have to survive with a "quick and dirty" Scourge fleet. I would return to them in the future...
Converted Nickar-class Corvettes

A brief experiment with a light turquoise was a valiant attempt, but the model did not look threatening and, painted without an airbrush, did not look as smooth as I would have preferred. One day I would master the airbrush, but not this time. Instead, I set on a red-brass scheme using Citadel Brass Scorpion mixed with a dark brown and a red. This was quickly highlighted with some bright silver added in (Citadel Stormhost Silver I believe), washed with a heavily watered-down turquoise and then details added.
Wyvern-class Cruisers

The tips of the fins and other protuberances were painted with layered washes of turquoise, which was then darkened with black at the point. This would break up the scheme and make them look a little more organic, and also help with marking different squadrons.
Hydra-class Fleet Carriers

The Frigates and Corvettes were painted incredibly quickly, and I was surprisingly happy with the result. The larger Cruisers were not quite to my satisfaction, but the brass looked smooth and the transitions on the tips acceptable. I will come back to them and add more corrosion to break up the smooth hull and match with the Battlecruiser.
Chimera-class Troopship

The Battlecruiser was the last model painted for the fleet, and the added detail of the resin model made for a different challenge. I struggled with this one, but ultimately I am happy with the result. The next ships will have a bit more attention paid to them, and I hope that in the future the whole fleet will be something I can be proud of.
Akuma-class Battlecruiser

The fleet assembled and ready for their first tournament

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  1. Well, i might not be as fast as you but i'm way more dirtier. Let's call it a draw then. :)