Necromunda Campaign II

Necromunda Campaign - The Law Comes To The Pit

The dust has settled and the Deep falls silent... at least for a moment. 

Over the past three Cycles the Subjugator Battalions have ransacked the settlements around Ventilation Shaft Alpha-1138; from the Rust Belt to The Shatters they have scattered the gangs, demolished slums and made refugees of the local population. Their unrestrained lust for "justice" finally sated, the Enforcers have withdrawn and life has begun creeping back into the Underhive. 

Even before the violence ended the Gangs had emerged guns blazing, eager to claim territories and scavenge what they could. Amongst a dozen different crews, some new names rose above others - Rostov's Rippers, Bullet Club, the Rangers of Van Saar and the mysterious Servants of O'Brin. The Candlemen of House Cawdor have reclaimed their refuse drifts at the base of the Pit, while these others have carved themselves new empires from the ruins of the old. 

Most alarmingly, a new threat has emerged from the Corpse Processing Farm on Sub-level Delta-64 - the flesh eating cultists of the Soylent Generation. Thinking the Enforcer raid had been aimed at their conclave, the Cult drew their cleavers and ceremonial masks and have now carved themselves a bloody fiefdom around their grotesque, perverted processing facilities. 

But the chaos of the past Cycles cannot continue. Enforcers have returned to the old Precinct, and the Guilders wish to open their markets once more - and they will not be denied. Great rewards await those who help the Guilders... but could greater riches await those who stand against them? 




You may wish to continue using the same Gang as last time - great!

Make sure your roster is updated including all of the earned Income, Experience and Territories from last time. Your Rating may be significantly higher than new Gangs so make sure it is accurate for Underdog bonuses.

SPECIALISTS (House Gangs Only) - Since the release of House of Chains, it seems the intention is for future House Gangs to limit Special Weapons to Specialists. If your old Gang started with a Ganger carrying a Special Weapon, that model is immediately upgraded to be a Specialist. If you did not have a Ganger with a Special Weapon, you may nominate one standard Ganger to be upgraded.

Unless rolled via an Experience Advancement, you should only have one Specialist Ganger at this stage.

Please read through the following pack as certain aspect of the Campaign Day have been updated.


For the most part, this is exactly the same as creating a Gang for a normal campaign, right down to using the Campaign House Lists found in the Gangs of the Underhive book and the extra gangs featured in White Dwarf, House of Chains, and the Books of Peril, Judgement and Ruin. However, there are some distinct differences to be aware of.

Gangs have an allowance of 1,500 credits to spend on Fighters, Equipment and Weapons.

House Gangs may be formed with the standard of one mandatory Leader, up to two Champions,  Gangers and Juves as per their List. House Gangs may have ONE Ganger start as a Specialist, who make select Special Weapons. Normal Gangers may not select Special Weapons. Other gangs such as Corpse Grinder Cults follow their standard rules as if being fitted for a Dominion Campaign.

Certain gangs have extra options and these are allowed; Helot Cults may have a Witch, and Genestealer Cults may have Aberrants etc. however Helot Cults may NOT start with a Spawn.

Gangs may take one Hanger-On or Brute as part of their starting Gang, in line with Reputation restrictions. This is not mandatory. Gangs without House-specific Brutes may choose from the generic Brute choices (Ambot etc.).

As in a Campaign, a blank Fighter Card should be filled in for each member of the gang, as this will help when selecting which members are participating in each game, and is also useful as a quick reference for weapons etc. The most important thing is to have an accurate Rating for each individual Fighter in your Gang clearly accessible, as this is used when working out Underdog Bonus and their value if Sold to the Guilders.


Gangs may be equipped from their starting House Lists as normal. They may also choose any Common Items from the Trading Post. You may purchase items and leave them in the Stash if desired.

Additionally, gangs are allowed to purchase up to FIVE items from the Trading Post with a rarity of Rare (10) or lower. NO DUPLICATION is allowed with these Rare Items - if you choose a rare Autocannon, you may only buy one. These are paid for from your initial 1,500 credit allowance. The items may be given to any member of your gang as per standard rules (no Heavy Weapons for Gangers, etc.).

Law-Abiding Gangs may also purchase Items from the Black Market, but all these Items have an additional +2 Rarity. Any Item with a modified Rarity over (10) may not be taken. The inverse applies to Outlaw Gangs - they may take Items from the Black Market without modifier, but when choosing Items from the standard Trading Post will suffer an additional +2 Rarity. As above, no duplication of Rare Items is allowed. All Gangs are considered to start as Law-Abiding aside from Chaos Helot Cults and Corpse Grinder Cults, unless discussed with the Arbitrator.

Venator Gangs use their standard rules for Gang Creation in terms of Rare Items.


In addition to the free starting Skills for Leaders and Champions, you may distribute a further THREE Advancements across your Fighters.

These may be Primary Skills or Stat Increases.

There is NO DUPLICATION allowed - if you choose to give one Fighter +1 Strength, no other Fighter may choose this at this stage.

A Fighter may only be gifted ONE of these extra Advancements. Leaders and Champions do not count their starting Skills toward this, so can still receive the bonus, and their starting Skills do not count towards to the NO DUPLICATION rule.

The Advancements are restricted by type - a Ganger cannot have a Skill, for example, and no Fighter may increase their stats beyond their natural maximum allowance.

These Advancements may increase the Rating of the Fighter - this does not count toward the 1,500 Credit limit for starting gangs, but should still be recorded so each Fighter has the correct Rating. Thus, gangs should have a Rating of 1,500 (if they spent their full allotment of credits) plus the "cost" of the three extra Advancements.

The Fighters that have received these "free" Advancements will have to pay the additional cost in EXP. when they wish to Advance further as the Campaign progresses.


Gangs start with a Reputation of ONE.

Fully painted Gangs may start with one additional point of Reputation.

Regardless of the Scenario rules, you always gain ONE Reputation for playing a Gang (not player!) you have not played before. If this rule is already present, you do not gain an additional point!

Reputation will not play an obvious role in the games on the day, but is important at the end for determining winners of certain awards. Reputation will fluctuate throughout the day as it is part of the Rewards section in most Scenarios, so do keep track. Reputation will also be important when working out future purchases for the gang (Hangers On etc.).


Gangs will earn credits as the day progresses from the Rewards section of each Scenario, selling Captured Fighters, working Territory during Downtime and other sources. Credits and Equipment in your Stash are added to your Gang Rating to work out your Wealth.

You cannot spend credits in your Stash on anything except a Medical Escort (2D6x10) for Critically Injured Fighters until Downtime.

Keep track of your gang's Wealth, as it will be a factor in the final results of the day. During Downtime you will be able to spend your credits on new Fighters and Equipment.

Each new Gang starts with a Settlement Territory as their base of Operations. This will only become relevant at the end of the day. Do not roll for any additional Juves etc. until Downtime.


Fighters will earn Experience as per the standard rules for Campaign Play in Necromunda. Advancements and Skills can be rolled for after each game, but please keep in mind timing - it might be prudent to save choosing these updates during Downtime.


Some extra House Rules may be required on the day if certain strange situations occur, or an error in the Books is found. Arbitrator has last word in these situations.


A new element being introduced this time is the difference between Outlaws and Law-Abiding Gangs. Certain Gangs will have to start as Outlaws (Corpse Grinder Cults, Slave Ogryns) and this will be detailed in their particular book. Unless stated like so or agreed with the Arbitrator, Gangs will start as Law-Abiding. These Gangs may yet be Outlawed  - certain upcoming Scenarios will allow for this!

Outlaws may only hire Hangers On, Hired Guns and Dramatis Personae with the Outlaw classifications. They may only make Alliances with Outlaw Factions.

Captured Outlaws who are Sold to the authorities following their Capture are worth their full value in Credits, rather than 50%.

Certain Scenarios will have special rules regarding Outlaws - check the Scenario or with the Arbitrator.

Outlaws treat any Rare Items from the Trading Post as having an additional +2 Rarity. They do not suffer this negative when buying items from the Black Market. Law-Abiding Gangs are the opposite, and will suffer a +2 Rarity on items from the Black Market.

Law-Abiding Gangs accrue Territories as normal, winning them during games and working them to collect Income in Downtime.

Outlaws work differently - they may only hold a single Territory at any one time, their Hideout. Any Territory they control or come to possess during the Campaign may be defined as their Hideout, and will generate Income for them during Downtime. Any additional rules are also used, such as Settlements granting new Gangers etc. are resolved as normal.

Any other Territories the Outlaw Gang come to possess are immediately Burned - this represents the Gang stripping it of all useful resources before moving on. Immediately after earning a new Territory, the Outlaw Gang adds the Income generated by the Territory to their Stash and then removes it from their Roster. If the Territory generates a random amount of Income (D6x10 for example) you may roll twice and choose the result.

Territories that have additional effects can be resolved immediately if relevant (for example, a Corpse Farm will generate additional Income if any Fighters died in the previous game), but Territories with no Income and inappropriate special rules that would not be utilised instead generate 30 Credits for the Gang (as they steal anything useful like copper wires and the like!)

This is a particularly difficult area to list the various Territories and their effects, so will be done on a case-by-case basis on the day - just check with the Arbitrator. Most should be simple, but their will no doubt need to be some clarifications.

If a Gang is Outlawed following a Game, they may choose which Territory to keep and immediately Burn all the others - which may generate immediate Income for the Stash. Outlaw Gangs that have multiple Territories from the previous Campaign Day (such as Alex's Corpse Grinders) must immediately Burn their Territories and choose a Hideout, but may not spend their new Income until Downtime.


All gangs should adhere to WYSIWYG as far as possible - especially in the cases of the Fighters' main armament and the general size of each model. Small items of equipment, pistols and knives are less important to model. Arbitrator has final say on any disputes.


A weapon with the "Blast" rule such as a Frag Grenade will automatically Scatter if it is not targeting an enemy Fighter. Remember Scattering templates will stop when they hit a wall, so will still be deadly in Tunnels!


Gangs may acquire items or weapons they do not want - instead of the usual rules for selling, the Gang receives half the original value of the item to their Stash in credits.


Each Player should bring a pre-chosen Deck of 20 Tactics Cards for their Gang, formed from Common and Gang-specific cards without duplication. If a Player does not have a Deck, players should come to a gentlemanly agreement - you can choose to play with no Tactics Cards, or share one Deck between you (alternating random draw and/or choosing cards, returning any cards that are Gang-specific).

Cards that automatically remove any Fighter (such as Dangerous Footing) may still be used, but the affected Fighter counts as rolling a Full Recovery on the Injury Table, and cannot be Captured.

Tactics Cards that cause Damage or remove Fighters from the board CANNOT be played on NPCs - your Gang has to do the work!

After each game, any Cards you have played are removed from your Deck before the next game, so overall you should never be able to play the same card twice. If you reach the end of your Deck, replace all cards and start again.


Remember to calculate Underdog Bonus based on the Rating of the Fighters in the starting crew for each Scenario, not the entire gang!

Differences in Gang Rating may be resolved with additional Tactics Cards or Underdog Cards as per the standard rules.

In addition, you may instead "spend" the difference in Gang Rating on Hired Guns, as long as there is a difference of at least 300. For example; a difference in Gang Rating of 190 would allow the Underdog to draw one additional Tactics Card (one per full 100pts) but not a Hired Gun. A difference of 300 would be three random Tactics Cards or Hired Guns worth 300pts. You may mix and match.

Certain Scenarios will specify Gangs may only start with a certain number of Fighters. Hired Guns are added to this, as per the "Get What You Pay For" rule in House of Chains.

A number of pre-written Hired Guns will be available to choose from, but l also encourage players to pre-write their own as long as they are represented correctly and painted.


Injuries are rolled as usual for each Fighter taken Out of Action.

If a Fighter dies Players may still roll to take their Fighters on Medical Escort as usual (if they can afford it), or may have even acquired a Rogue Doc. Dead Fighters are removed from the Gang Roster and their Equipment (minus armour) is placed in the Stash.

If a Fighter is injured, the Injury is applied immediately (-1 Toughness, etc.).

Any model that is placed In Recovery may choose to fight in the next game, but start with one Flesh Wound. A marker should be placed next to the figure. If the injured Fighter does not participate in the next game, they count as having fully recovered during this time.


At the end of each Scenario, roll to Capture Fighters as per the standard rules, but with the threshold of 13 rather than the usual 11. This is higher as everyone is on the move and because of the adjustments below. Bonuses for including Bounty Hunters and Magnacles etc. are still applied.

Due to the nature of the Campaign Day, no Rescue Missions are to be played. Instead, the Captured Fighter may immediately be ransomed for half of their Rating, paid by the losing Gang. If they cannot afford it or choose not to pay, the Captured Fighter is immediately Sold and the winning gang receives 50% of their Rating in credits, added to their Stash.

Venator Gangs and Enforcers receive 100% of their Rating in value.

All Captured Fighters should be reported to the Arbitrator.


Games will be given a reasonable amount of time to be played, with certain House Rules helping to keep things fast. If games are not finished when the time has run out and there is no leeway (lunch etc), they will end immediately - it is considered that the Enforcers have arrived in massive numbers and the warring Gangs scatter. Victory Conditions will be ascertained from how the game "ended." As usual, Arbitrator has final word on "slow play" etc.

The winner of each game will receive a Territory as part of their Rewards. The Arbitrator will inform you what you have won, and how it can be used.

Most of these Territories will have an Income Value - this will be awarded during Downtime, and added to the Stash of the Gang for spending later.

If a Territory has an additional rule (such as Rogue Doc, or Vents) this may be used in any remaining games throughout the day, though the majority of the Territories will remain simple.

Enforcers will Patrol their Territories as per the Dominion Campaign rules in their House List, and in addition gain D6x10 Credits for each Territory they control. They may not use any additional rules supplied by the Territory such as Wastes or Doc's Workshop.


Scenario One (Special) - Opportunistic Rescue
As the dust finally settles from the upheaval of the past few Cycles, the Mercator Guilds begin to return to the area. Ranging from grand caravans to small parties of opportunistic procurators, a quasi-gold rush is occurring as rival Guilds seek to claim the resources of the Pit. Your Gang has heard tales of several Guilders getting lost in the local tunnels, betrayed by their mercenary bodyguards or ambushed by scavvy raiders. There may be a few creds in saving them.. or looting their body! 

This will be a special mission written by myself and published on the day, centred around rescuing a Guilder in the centre of the board. Certain Gangs may wish to help the Guilder and earn their favour, but others may wish to kill them and help themselves to the riches. One of the rewards will be a new Territory, but should any harm come to the Guilder you may find yourselves Outlawed!

Scenario Two (Special) - Cleanse
The previous Lords of the Pit were not attentive rulers. Great swathes of territory has been abandoned and left to rot; potentially useful zones of ancient machinery and hidden riches. Some of these areas are quickly reclaimed; others have been claimed already! Hideous beasts of the Underhive, crawling up from the deep towards the light, must be culled. Rewards are offered for the hides of the grossest mutant creatures, and your Gang is ready to venture down to get them! 

This will be a special scenario written by myself and published on the day, pitting two Gangs in a fight against each other and several hideous monsters! Rewards for bringing back the hides of the particularly large specimens, experience for those who kill the beasts, and a new Territory for the winner, reclaimed from the creatures.

Downtime - All Territories owned by each Player now generate income, any Fighters In Recovery are considered to be fully... recovered and Players may visit the Trading Post. Remember all major pieces of Wargear should be modeled appropriately, and Players will lose a point of Reputation if their Gang ceases to be fully painted.

Scenario Three - Takeover
There's no time to relax in the Underhive. A "return to normalcy" in The Pit still means sleeping with a pistol under your pillow. An opportunity has arisen for violent expansion; your rivals have let their guard down. Time to roll out! 

The Scenario is from the Book of Ruin (p70). The Attacker chooses a Territory from the Defenders' Territory List, and this is the prize for the winner. This mean the Defender may lose a Territory - if this mean they are left with no Territories they automatically generate one from the D3 Table shown below and may still gain Income during the next Downtime.

Scenario Four - Takeover
Just as soon as you launch an attack on a rival, another gang is watching ready to pounce. Just another day in the Nightmare Underhive...

As before, this Scenario is from the Book of Ruin (p70). If you played the Defender in the last game you are now the Attacker, and vice versa. The Attacker chooses a Territory from the Defenders' Territory List, and this is the prize for the winner. This mean the Defender may lose a Territory - if this mean they are left with no Territories they automatically generate one from the D3 Table shown below and may still gain Income during the next Downtime.

1-2 - Old Ruins (D3x10 Credits +1 for each Dome Runner)
3-4 - Mine Workings (D6x10 Credits +D6x10 for each Captive the Gang holds)
5-6 - Settlement (D6x10 Credits plus chance for new Recruits)

Downtime - All Territories owned by each Player now generate Income, any Fighters In Recovery are considered to be fully... recovered and Players may visit the Trading Post. Remember all major pieces of Wargear should be modeled appropriately ready for next time!

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