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Infinity Rulebook - Download for Free!


The download is available from their website now, and they have also posted on their blog about some of the obvious changes. Rather obviously, there is a LOT of information, and this tome sits pretty at nearly two hundred and fifty pages! It does, however, have an awesome index and contents page, is full colour, and is filled with useful references, diagrams and charts. The quick-play tables at the back are most definitely getting printed out and laminated for game use!

ALEPH remain a top contender for my second Infinity force
Given the rumours about a delay on the shipping of the rulebook and some dissatisfaction about the release of the updated profiles, this is a great move from Corvus Belli and really pumped me up for N3. Over the Christmas and New Year period I should have a bit of time to ingest these new rules, ready for the new season of gaming in January.

Alternatively, I may expand the Nomads with the Haqqislam Sectorial Qapu Khalqi, who share many units
The original six factions get large sections with rules for many of their models, including several new profiles. As a Corregidor player, I am especially pleased with the Bandits and Jaguars, which will bring some more options to the Jurisdictional Command, and the rest of the Nomad units look good too - if they haven't received new options or awesome new rules, they've at least lost some points off their cost. Am I tempted to run a different Sectorial or Vanilla Nomads? Of course... but I'll be sticking with Corregidor for a while yet, especially with their reinforcements.

One of my favourite aspects of the new Edition is the introduction of HTV models - civilian or high-value targets that work in scenarios
Hacking looks (at first) like a $%£&ing nightmare, but upon closer inspection it looks like a carefully constructed system that will need some serious planning to pull off - high risk, but high reward. Repeater networks, full board coverage and a variety of different Hackers and Hacking Devices will lead to some awesome combinations - though I imagine a truly powerful list will need to sink a lot of points into it. As a Nomad player, I am not too worried, but as a pure Corregidor player I can only look at the Tunguska profiles and Bakunin Sectorial with envy.

Best Hackers in the game, the Interventors of Tunguska
I am still going to value a paper rulebook, as I enjoy printed media and the download does not include the background section, but this will be very helpful for any errata and changes they need to make in the future. I trust that by the time of the new ITS season and the coming SCTS events in the New Year they will have released updated statistics for all the other units and factions.

New Release for next year - the Squalo Armoured Cavalry for PanOceania
The only big thing I can find at the moment is the terrible man-flu I am currently suffering, which makes me eyes water and it hard to read the new rules! Thanks a lot to my disease-ridden co-workers. Hopefully when I'm better I'll be able to deliver a bit more actual content and crack on with some painting before the Festive Season kicks in properly.

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