Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Fast Strikers

Following the release of the renders for the Santiago-class Corvette just before Christmas, I thought I was done with kitbashing new Corvettes models. I had already made two different squadrons, and doubted I would need even that many squadrons of Corvettes in any size game! 

Nonetheless, at the end of last week I was inspired by the work of a fellow hobbyist Ryan O'clock, who posted his conversions in the Dropfleet Facebook group. I was immediately inspired to try my hand at my own versions! 

I am very happy with the results, and think they fit quite nicely in with the rest of the fleet. They do not have the sleek look of the interceptors made previously, but look tough and fast. I have only made a pair of them at this time, but am certainly considering another one to fill out the squadron! 

Lastly is a picture featuring most of the fleet so far - and this is not even the full armada! 

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