Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Intensify Forward Firepower

Some slow progress on the Dropfleet this week, as a second Moscow-class Heavy Cruiser is launched. This vessel matches the additional fins of the St. Petersburg-class Heavy Cruiser, giving it something extra special to mark it as a Heavy Cruiser (aside from the massive gun batteries on the front of course!). I doubt I will ever run two Moscow-class Heavy Cruisers, but it is nice to have a matching ship with the fins.
The UCMS Demands With MenacesMoscow-class Heavy Cruiser 

The Demands With Menaces stands as one of the most potent vessels of Battlefleet New Carthage

The UCMS Abrupt Resolution matches course with its sister ship, the Demands With Menaces

Escort duty for a San Francisco-class Troop Carrier

Two Corvettes fly alongside

Toulon-class Frigates add their firepower

Heavy Cruisers prepare for battle

The Heavy Cruisers all together - Abrupt Resolution, Kodiak and Demands With Menaces

All three vessels have been modified beyond their normal specifications, in preparation for the grand counter-attack against the Scourge menace

This vessel marks one of the last ships left on my painting pile for the UCM fleet - only one more Battleship, a handful of Limited Edition Light Cruisers and ten more Frigate hulls. Okay... maybe there is a lot more to go... especially with the new Battle Cruisers on the way soon... euurgh

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