Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Cities At Night


I finally bit the bullet and invested in the Orbital Night Coast mat from Deepcut Studio, as well as a number of clear acrylic Clusters markers from The Model Exchange and the resin Sector tokens from Hawk directly. Here are the pictures of how it turned out, as well as some comparisons with the cardstock tokens!
Orbital Night Coast in all its glory

The brilliance of the city lights from orbit is beautiful to see

Low-lying clouds add some distortion to the final picture, giving some areas a grey hue

Negative - the debris fields do not show up well on this mat, and can be missed by the casual eye

The cardstock Cluster and Sector tokens

This is how things should be going - undisputed Bulk Landers dropping from orbit!

In comparison, the acrylic Clusters and resin Sectors look soooo much better

I could have gone one stage further and painted the Sectors to match the city below, but I thought I would leave them as "normal"

This clear acrylic base is, in my eyes, far superior and really look great

Negative - the three-dimensional nature of the markers means that gaming can be disruptive as the ships fly overhead

Careful positioning and some patience is the price for these superior gaming aids

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