Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Fast Fleet Auxiliaries

A personal pet project, the Repair Ship for my UCM Fleet was inspired by a number of source, most notably the Fast Fleet Auxiliaries from the Lost Fleet series of science-fiction books. I had also enjoyed working on repair ships for Dystopian Wars, so it made sense to work on a conversion for Dropfleet. 

In the build-up to our Dropfleet Commander tournament, I realised that we would need a number of space stations. I had only built one and Adam two, leaving us short. The Repair Ship was hurried into production and painted up to feature on the board as a makeshift space station. 

I doubt I will use this vessel in any serious games, but as a private piece, an objective or just a terrain marker it works well. I enjoyed working on it so much, in fact, that I am planning a second! Soon enough a whole fleet of non-military and civilian vessels will run alongside Battlefleet Carthage

The Titan, Repair Ship for Battlefleet Carthage

The various pieces of the ship are almost entirely from Dropfleet Commander, aside from the engines. These are taken from a Japanese vessel (???) from the Full Thrust space game

The ship is accompanied by an escort tender, floating above the main vessel. This is constructed from spare pieces from the Frigate sprue

The Space Station kit provides a lot of other pieces to differentiate the ship from other UCM vessels

The Repair Ship runs alongside the rest of the fleet, ready to assist the ongoing campaign

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