Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Visions of the Future - Infinity Third Edition

As if I wasn't busy enough with preparing for the Second Edition of Dystopian Wars, Corvus Belli - the developers of the phenomenal 28mm science-fiction game Infinity - announced this weekend a Third Edition of their game will be coming soon!

Here's the video teaser... 

I am very, very pleased to hear this. Infinity is a game incredibly different to Dystopian Wars, and one I have dabbled in over the years but always been intimidated by the complexity of the rules, the demands of the terrain and the quality of the models.

If you've never looked at it properly, please report to their website immediately. Even if you are not a fan of science-fiction or cyberpunk miniatures, or even 28mm scale, I think you must admit these guys have some of the best sculptors and painters in the entire wargaming industry working for them. Just sublime.

Funnily enough, a gaming friend (Winner Dave, of Breakthrough Assault fame) has recently taken a strong interest in the game and started learning the rules properly, leading me to start dusting off my collection and think about painting some 28mm again. I played Infinity a great deal last summer, and though my gaming group moved on to different things, it has always stuck in the back of our minds as something we should try again. This seems like a perfect opportunity!

Here are some of their absolutely fantastic box sets, and some of my favourite miniatures...

Winner Dave's chosen faction - ALEPH
My own, the Nomads
Gaming buddy Goth Craig runs these guys - Haqqislam
I first learned to play against an Ariadna player

Good Friend Ben has a team of Yu Jing
Worried readers, have no fear. I am not abandoning Dystopian Wars, not by any means!

...but you may see some posts about Infinity and other games appearing in the coming months...

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  1. Very interesting to see what Infinity are up to at the moment. Their models were already very good, but I'm amazed at just how much they've improved the quality since I first encountered them a few years ago.

    1. They do seem to get better and better. Every month they release something I want - hard to keep up!