Monday, 19 October 2015

Avenge Me!


At the recent Autumn Invasion Open I managed to pick up one of the new models for Dropfleet Commander - the exclusive metal version of the UCMS Avenger, a New Orleans-class Strike Carrier. One of the smaller vessels of the upcoming range, it is nonetheless packed with detail, and I'm looking forward to painting it soon. Now to work out what colour!
The Avenger on the flying sand - apparently the game will come with more detailed, sturdier stands that include information like which level of the atmosphere they are sitting in
A good amount of detail for such a small vessel
Each of the small turrets on the "wings" is equivalent to a Defence Laser from Dropzone Commander - immense firepower!
Underneath shows the detail continues - I am looking forward to trying out something for the glow of the engines
The immense UCMS Avenger, built for shows and convention by Hawk Wargames, now in model form
Glowing engines! 
Technical schematics for the immense vessel. Each of the blue-lit hangars holds a Condor - these ships are BIG
Out on display
The various fleet designs we have seen so far
The New Orleans-class Strike Carriers close-up. I think my scheme will be something like this, as boring as it may seem
The rest of the range will be plastic or resin, so I am hoping they sit on the sticks a little easier. Metal ships are troublesome to work with, as I know from Battlefleet Gothic. I trust Hawk will be able to maintain the detail in plastic.

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