Sunday, 11 October 2015

Return to Infinity

After far too long away, I have returned to painting some 28mm. The latest victim is the new Alguacil Hacker for Infinity, another useful release from Corvus Belli after last month's Intruder with HMG, this will fill a gap in my collection and bring all of the available Alguaciles up to the same scale. It will enable me to use my Dactyl conversion in the manner she was originally conceived - as a proxy Lupe Balboa or Daktari Doctor.

Gaming-wise I field a lone Alguacil Hacker in almost all of my lists, because I never focus on Hacking. He (or she, as it was before) is merely there to open access to Remotes and complete Classified Objectives. Not the most glamorous job, and certainly not what people expect when they see Nomads across the table, but The Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor just don't have the tools for proper Hacking warfare. Perhaps in the future, with the release of the Mobile Brigada Hacker and the recent addition of Bandit Hacker, as well as the rumoured changes to EVO Repeater-bearing Remotes in Human Sphere, they will be able to do more, but for now I am content to pour my points into more guns.

This miniature is bulky in the new N3 scale, which made painting a pleasure. For the hair, I wanted to use a colour I had not used yet, something bold - unfortunately green had also gone on a basic Alguacil, so I decided to try bleached blonde.

Next month releases are the much awaited Mobile Brigada boxset - time for the PAIN TRAIN!

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  1. Once again, wonderful painting on your Nomads.
    I really like the way you paint red,, and the little blue OSL are a nice touch of color....