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Knight Models may have dropped the Marvel license and stopped supporting the game, but I am a obsessive and a completionist at heart, and there was no way I was going to give up that easily! My X-Men and Brotherhood of Evil Mutants were not complete!

In the time between the larger projects (Infinity, Dropfleet Commander, Frostgrave etc.) I picked up a few models and started converting them to represent the missing Mutants. The first of this new generation is Mystique, which required no conversion at all! Her scheme was simple, based on the look from the movies rather than the cartoons and comic books. I was tempted to paint her mid-transformation with half of her "normal" pink skin and blonde hair, but ultimately I decided she would be pure blue. Perfect.
Raven Darkholme enters the stage

Poison Ivy's leaf-like dress makes a perfect substitute for the blue scales that cover Mystique

The core four of the Brotherhood from the first X-Men movie... looking a little different!

The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants! 

Pyro knows his place 

Mystique's tricks are no match for Wolverine's nose

Deadpool is nonplussed by her charms
Who's next? I'm not sure, perhaps The Blob or Storm...

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