Saturday, 3 June 2017

From The Ashes

Hello all,

I've managed to get some more painting done since Machaon, which is some kind of record for me in terms of turnaround.  It's a real buzz to see my painting queue reduce by a significant amount and the list of all Steel Phalanx units that I could potentially field grow.

I had to strip this Yudbot because I had initially painted it as KISS, with plans to do the ALIVE crew. I gave up on that idea as I need to focus on getting my Steel Phalanx done and not drag into next year.

Not sure why, but I picked up my Chandra Spec-Ops next. I've had this model since I started playing Infinity with George back in N2 days. I only bought it because the Escalation League says to use one, since then I've not used it. Again I needed to strip it; the paint was old so there was a fair amount of scrubbing. I imagine I'll use her as a stand in Nesaie Alke as that's not a great model.

 And finally, the infamous Phoenix. I feel like I kinda rushed him, there are parts of the paint job that aren't that smooth, but he's done. Being 40pts I can easily keep my go to lists intact and swap Eudoros out for Phoenix.

I expect these guys will be hitting the table soon with all the games I seem to be getting in at the moment. I'm frickin' loving the Strikezone: Wotan campaign and really hope I can contribute to it in a positive manner.

Thanks for reading as always, please feel free to post any feedback


Winner Dave

Games Played :- 32
Models Painted :- 52