Sunday, 14 January 2018


The first post of the year sees me reveal the long-awaited Necromunda project I've been working on for the past few weeks! So here we are, the first ten models completed for my House Goliath Gang the Rust Belt Overlords (the 'Belters).

I've been working on and painting these since the release of Necromunda before Christmas, and as much as they have been an absolute blast to paint, they have also been a time-consuming project! Working from a grey undercoat has been a big test, as these models are chunky and crammed with detail.

I have built more than twenty different Goliath models at this point, including converted Juves and heavy weapons. The ten models you see here are not intended to be in my starting gang (indeed, the autogun and heavy stubber cannot be taken as starting equipment) but were the models I fancied painting first - a mixture of conversions and poses copied straight from the box.

I'm still not sure on how I will paint their bases - rusted metals and black/yellow chevrons might not be the best choice as it will blend in with the models themselves. We will have to see. Next up - more Goliaths, to get my starting gang up and ready for the campaign slated to start in late February.
Gangers with close combat weapons, grenades and longer ranged weaponry - the Bolt Pistol and Bolter are from the Horus Heresy-era Space Marine weapons set, while the Punch-Daggers are taken from the Human Blood Bowl team

Ganger with Grenade Launcher and a Champion with Heavy Stubber converted from the Goliath Grenade Launcher and the Heavy Stubber from the Imperial Guard vehicle accessory sprue

Two Gangers with Stubcannons, the first models painted for the gang

Champion with Renderizer and Ganger with Autogun, taken from the old metal weapons sprue from the original Necromunda

The big guy - who I do not plan to run as my Leader against all better judgement. I'm probably going to run this guy as a Juve (!!!)

The Gang so far, taking up residence in a ruined Administratum block

A sea of rusted metal and hazard stripes! I'm looking forward to getting a few more of these guys done and showing off my Leader conversion soon...

The big guy (whose name I need to work on) is ridiculously large, but fits in well with some conversion work

So far I've concentrated on some more shooty models - soon enough we'll see the true colours of House Goliath come out with some Power Hammers, Renderizers, Spud-jackers and Brute Cleavers
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