Sunday, 21 January 2018

Upcoming Dropfleet Commander Tournament - Beachhead 2018


In just a handful of weeks Adam and myself will be running our second Dropfleet Commander Tournament, Battle for Tlalacon (you can blame Adam for the name...) at Beachhead 2018, the annual Wargames Show in the Bournemouth International Centre.

This Tournament will not just be an opportunity to play some Dropfleet in a competitive setting, but also experience the full Beachhead show, with stalls from over thirty different companies and stores, display games and a number of other tournaments running alongside.

This is the third year of Beachhead, and I've always found it a great experience; add that to the opportunity to play Dropfleet Commander against some new faces and we should have a great day ahead of us!

The Tournament will be standard 1,250pts with three games between 9.00 and 18.00 (prompt finish due to the demands of the show), with a variety of missions chosen from the Tournament Pack and the usual errata in place. There will be prize support from the local store Entoyment as well as from Adam and myself - the exact amount of additional swag depends on the numbers!

Tickets include entry to the show (normally £5.00) and cost £10.00.

Beachhead Wargames Show

Battle for Tlalacon Tournament

Ticket Purchasing

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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