Thursday, 5 April 2018

MasterGlass 2018 Q1 Entry

Hey guys,

Here's my entry for the MasterGlass competition run by Mayacast. Given the recent release of the Druze Sectoral, the theme this round was Druze. I've had this model kicking around for a while, it's a limited edition model which I think came with the N3 Rulebook.

Choosing a colour scheme is always a daunting prospect for me. I'm not a decisive person by nature, and I'm not sure why but I decided I wanted to rip off a familiar theme from somewhere. I actually settled on Rebel pilot as my theme and was gutted when I discovered Tom (of Mayacast) had already done it. Not sure where the Judge Dredd theme came from, but after a little googling I was besotten... those bright greens and the blue... yes!

As the colours are vivid, I wanted to ensure I didn't desaturate them as I'm prone to do.  So I kept the colour highlights subtle, with stark edge highlights.  I don't know if I've overdone the edges, I think on the green maybe I did.

For the base, I tried to pay homage to the rulebook that got me this miniature. The front cover has a Hac Tao, lit from one direction in blue and from the other direction in red.  I think it's amazing artwork.

As usual, I mostly hope to get some helpful feedback, Tom has given me useful thoughts in the past.

Thanks for reading,


edit: having just listened the the podcast...really pleased to have earned a mention, got some great feedback...which coupled to some other feedback I've had recently (from Kujo Painting) means I need to work on painting hair.


  1. Think she looks stunning mate! Got one of these models knocking around myself, so may have to borrow this cool scheme! 😛

  2. Nice way to get your Judge Dredd on :)