Sunday, 3 June 2018

The Doctor Is Sin

"I don't believe that man has ever been to medicae school..." 
My Necromunda projects continue - this time, while taking a break from painting Goliath gangers, I worked out a quick conversion for a Rogue Doctor. Inspired by a Dr. Zoidberg conversion found on the Necromunda Worldwide Facebook group, I swapped out the head and arm from a Poxwalker for some gribbly Genestealer Cult parts. No other work necessary!

I went for an orange/red scheme on the skin to keep the model away from too many Genestealer influences, and also look a bit more like Dr. Zoidberg. A grey/white labcoat, still relatively clean, was a nice contrast. 

So far, he has somehow managed to save two of my gangers and kill (for good!) another, so it's a worthwhile investment. I still don't think I'd trust him near any of my friends and family...
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