Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Big Guy


This mighty Ogryn Rharg was taken from the Fighting Pits and now works for Loghar Khotari and the Rust Belt Overlords

Rharg still believes his master is the long-dead Pitmaster, and that the 'Belters are just looking after him until his master returns

Loghar regularly beats him into submission when he asks to many questions, but dares not reveal the truth that his original master is dead

A mighty industrial rocksaw is bolted to his forearm, making Rharg slightly more deadly

Rusted armour, chevrons and brutal spikes, some hammered directly into his skull, mark him as a member of the Rust Belt Overlords

The mighty Ogryn is a powerful addition to the gang

Two more of the 'Belters "Mad Dog" enforcers - on the right a freed pit fighter, forever marked by his brutal bionic arm and predilection for taking trophies, while on the left a half-mad Juve, his flesh carved with a forbidden symbol - this ganger was freed from the clutches of a warp-cult just as they were preparing to sacrifice him. His sanity has long abandoned him

The brutal thug Bradis, infamous drunken brawler and bare-knuckle fighter now employed by the 'Belters to use his fists for something more... constructive
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