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In Necromunda, certain missions require an objective of sorts for the opposing gang to sabotage, steal or desecrate. This is often referred to as the Totem or Relic. For the Rust Belt Overlords, my  massive Goliath gang, I modeled a special Relic using an appropriate marker from Blood Bowl, some razorwire, skulls, and a massive number of spare weapons gathered from my Bitz Box

The result can be seen here! I painted it in neutral, weathered metallics - all the guns silver, with a touch of rust on the razorwire and some of the debris under the guns. A copper pipe with sickly green sludge dripping from it finished the piece

The piece is a little bigger than a ganger, and is modeled on top of the Initiative marker found in the Necromunda starter box - roughly 50mm wide

The clenched fist may be a symbol of House Orlock, but some of the fluff behind my gang and some early campaign games saw them smashing Orlocks, so I figured it was a looted prize, along with the guns and smashed skulls of old foes - note that none of the skulls are complete! All are fractured or cracked in some way
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