Saturday, 21 June 2014

Chasing The Shadows


Following some intense painting, the project for the month of June has been completed early - the reinforcements for the Federated States of America that come with Operation: Shadow Hunter. A modest fleet, the forces pictured here total 950pts with both of the Boston-class Submarines and an upgrade on the Liberty-class Heavy Battleship. With some upgrades to the crews and an Ace pilot, this could easily reach 1000pts.

The fleet assembled - a nice set of extras for Ben's already impressively large FSA fleet
Fighter Plane SAS with an Ace
The old reliable Augusta-class Frigates
New and improved Revere-class Corvettes should be making an appearance in most games now
A personal favourite, the rugged Boston-class Submarine
Operation: Shadow Hunter came with twelve Turtle-class Attack Submarines - I thought it rude not to paint them all and be able to field two Submarines in the same game if so desired
Georgetown-class Cruisers - all the ships have interchangable Generators and movable turrets for super-poseable action
There models were a real pleasure to paint, with some great small details and crisp casting quality
Compared with the older generations of FSA Medium-class vessels, the Georgetown is noticeably bigger and blockier, and taller too!
The Princeton-class Gunship holds up against the new Georgetown, but the Lexington has clearly earned its new role as a "Light" Cruiser
The three classes together - I love the little details on the new vessel, such as the stars on the paddle-wheels
The Liberty-class Heavy Battleship, now with finished Generators and Turrets
The Liberty bridges the gap between the Independence and the Enterprise well
The green, as with all the FSA vessels, was a base of Vallejo Brown Violet highlighted adding Iraqi Sand. This is detailed with orange/brown rust, and all the recesses were black lined with a fine paintbrush. I know some people prefer to use a pen, but have not tried this myself
The classes all together, showing the progression of the American ship design - some accuse them of simply building bigger ships with more guns... I can't disagree!
Off in pursuit of the mysterious Wani!
The FSA fleet is cohesive and strong in their theme
Future Plans
Having added some serious firepower and Boarding potential to the FSA fleet, my next plan is to pick up one of the new Battle Cruisers and the Assault Carrier, as soon as they are available on individual Parts Order. This will give the fleet all of the new toys, and make for a fearsome array to choose from in the coming games.

I hope you have enjoyed the coverage of painting the new FSA models, the next project will be French or Russians...

Distinctly Work In Progress
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  1. love it! And I totally agree that the new vessels look superb and fit in quite well!! love your colour scheme!