Friday, 13 June 2014

The Hunt Continues


Bringing some serious firepower and durability to the Federated States of America, the Liberty-class Heavy Battleship is a more robust and rugged hull than the Independence-class Battleship, covered in additional armour plating and details. Comparing the two, the Independence now looks like a sleek, stripped down vessel, while the Liberty bridges the gap to the Enterprise-class Dreadnought.

The three capital ships alongside one another
Still a "Work In Progress," I have not painted the Generator or Turrets yet
The superstructure of the vessel is concentrated around the prow as well as the paddle-wheels, giving a taller silhouette than most FSA vessels
Adding the turrets and Generator will give an even taller silhouette
Discussed last week, the Boston-class Submarine brings a small squadron of Turtle-class Assault Submarines to the field, to assist with Boarding Actions. 

Two Boston-class Submarines travel with their Squadron Support
The Yurei Terror Ship comes into sight of the Boston
Turtles are deployed, but too late! The Wani disappear into thin air once more
The Yurei Terror Ship, first of the Wani to make an appearance on the Dystopian gaming board, is a Battle Cruiser with a very special piece of technology and a great aesthetic that makes it stand out from the rest of the Blazing Sun fleet. Covered with unusual details, from the massive flame throwers on the side of the vessel to the large Generator assembly on the rear superstructure and the giant mask built into the prow, the Yurei sits apart from the rest of the fleet, even before the Phase Generator is turned on! 

I chose a specifically dark scheme as it was a "stealth" ship, in a similar manner to dark black scheme used for the Black Wolf Mercenaries
Gold was used as the main contrasting colours, painted up from brown and washed so it was somewhat burnished - not as old as the gold for my Italian ships, but nowhere near the clean warmth of the Covenant of Antarctica
The hull was originally painted silver, and washed five times with black, brown and green glazes until it was almost black. You can only seen the metallics poking through on the edges, or under certain light conditions
Weaponry was painted silver and grey, washed so as not to be too bright. Weathering was limited across the model, as I wanted to give the impression of a warship, but with some Japanese efficiency present
The Phase Genereator bank was painted a warm gold, as it is a focus point of the miniature
The machinery as the aft of the vessel was painted bronze, with turquoise lined into the recesses as a form of weathering
The Yurei is not a colourful or bright ship, but shrouded and dark, protected by the Phase Generator
The Yurei may not be the most impressively painted miniature in my collection, and the scheme may come across as somewhat dull, but I am satisfied that the key areas of the model draw the eye and it clearly looks like a vessel built for stealth. In the majority of games, it will be represented with the clear resin version anyway!

I am pleased with the gold and metallics of the model, but did not want to commit to another spot colour as, at the time of writing this post, I have no idea how the rest of the Blazing Sun fleet will be painted - not like this, to be fair, but some of the elements may survive, such as the gold Generator and bronze engines. Something to think about for the near future, certainly.

For the moment, I will be concentrating on finishing the new FSA ships to bring the fleet up to 3,500pts, and then next week the new Naval Battle Groups arrive. I have purchased a Prussian and a French fleet, and will be quickly painting up some new Prussian vessels before concentrating on my next big project, the Republique of France!

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  1. excellent, and while you think it is not the most impressive I find it really superb! The Yurei!
    The FSA are solid as always, in a goof way!