Thursday, 5 June 2014

Painting Operation: Shadow Hunter

Boston-class Submarines on patrol
First on the painting table and first to be finished, the Boston-class Submarine has emerged onto the scene. Introduced in the new two-player starter set Operation: Shadow Hunter, the Federated States of America have finally been given a great new piece of kit, with a very different role to the usual gunboats of the FSA fleet.
The sea around the Submarines was painted first, using the techniques discussed in a previous article - found here
After the various colours of the Submarine were chosen, they were blocked in with the basecoat colours - Vallejo Brown Violet for the green, etc. The entire model (apart from the scenic base) was then washed with Army Painter Dark Tone
Once the wash stage was dry, the various colours were rehighlighted and details added, in a manner similar to the Prussian Empire paint scheme discussed here
The finished product, following some varnish. Lighter than the studio scheme, but matching the current FSA fleet nicely
The Boston-class Submarine is unusual in that it plays far more as a supporter and force multiplier than other FSA ships, who tend to stand alone or with their squadron and blast away with rocket batteries and powerful turrets. Two features mark this difference, the first being the Node Projector that can deliver a Disruption node directly into the centre of the enemy fleet and mess with their Generators, potentially slowing them down, or stripping them of vital defences and offensive capabilities. 

The Boston also comes with six Turtle-class Assault Submarines, tiny models packed with crazed Boarding Marines ready to cause havoc on the opposing fleet. Hard to hit, especially when they're hiding underwater, the Turtles come with Specialised Defences (1) to help them avoid the worst of enemy counter-boarding, before using their Terror Tactics (1) to threaten even the largest enemy vessel. Reckless crew will hit on three's, meaning a full squadron can unleash twelve dice worth of Reckless boarders within their threat radius - a respectable 10" Movement and 4" Boarding Range. 

I will talk about Turtles more in the future, when I have painted up my collection, but suffice to say they can only be accessed by investing in a Boston-class Submarine, and automatically make it a VERY interesting prospect for me personally. 

Enough talking! I'll show off some more pictures now, along with commentary about the other interesting aspects of the Boston-class Submarine. 

The Boston-class Submarine ploughs through the water at a respectable 8" per turn
The Submarine is one of the few FSA vessels to feature Devastating Ordnance on its Fore Guns
Reinforced Bulkheads make sure the Boston stays where you want it to be
Seven Aggressive HP make the Boston a potent Boarding threat
Evasive Manoeuvres (+1) make diving back down after unleashing the Devastating Fore Guns and Node Projector an achievable prospect
The detail on the sculpted scenic base is far in excess of the previous "based" vessels, like the Submarines of other Nations
The Boston is chunky, rugged model, fitting the theme of the FSA models well
I particularly like the stars on the side of the vessel and the Turtle deploying from the aft
Operation: Shadow Hunter contains a Submerged and a Surfaced Submarine, and I think I may play a game using both soon! 
So the first model from Operation: Shadow Hunter is complete! A big pile of models await, and though the Turtles would be the obvious choice, I cannot resist going for the Wani Terror Ship next. 

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  1. I really love it! Vivid waves and an interesting choice of colour for a sub but one that seems to be in line with my idea about the FSA.....looking forward to the rest of the show!

  2. Thanks you for the kind comments! Very pleased with how the waves came out in the end, the new, more detail scenic base is much nicer to paint than the older, simpler ones.