Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Terrain Extravaganza - Part Six

This week, we take a look at some of the resin terrain pieces available from Spartan Games, both for Dystopian Wars and from their fantasy naval game, Uncharted Seas...

I have looked at some of the resin terrain available in previous entries, especially in Part Three and Part Two, but in this entry we will be concentrating upon the relatively new boxsets released by Spartan - the Harbour Set and the Landing Field Set. These were my painting project for April, a month dedicated to painting terrain for Dystopian Wars that result in over a hundred individual pieces of painted resin!

The Harbour Set has some of my favourite pieces in the whole range - the tracked cranes, the detailed jetties and the row of parked vehicles - which must still be huge in "real life" given the scale of the system
The Landing Field set, with some of the buildings - the set comes with far too many to fit on the top! 
Most of the "blue" buildings together - these were sprayed grey and highlighted up, and details painted in later
Wooden jetties look good regardless of what island they are attached to
The "red" buildings
The "green" buildings
This is... most of the collection
Walls and Gate from Uncharted Seas - these were used for a recent Battle Report to represent a fortified port

With every wall piece separate, the set can be deployed on the board in what combination I need
Another piece of Uncharted Seas terrain, this floating wooden settlement reminds me of something from Waterworld. I will be using this piece in the coming Pacific Campaign, as I feel it suits warmer waters than the grim North Sea
This resin terrain adds so much to the gaming experience - setting it up can be a game in itself! A combination of islands you've made yourself, non-combatant ships like Merchants and Tugboats, and some of the resin terrain available from Spartan makes for a board that tells a story and looks fantastic.

It can also be a real joy to paint, using a lot of techniques you might not get to use painting ships all day. My particular favourites to paint were the wooden jetties and floating village, though the opportunity for new colours and techniques in the Harbour Set and Landing Field were also useful - in particular, a bronze recipe was tested there and later used for some recent projects.

I consider the terrain from Spartan to be excellent value for money and every set comes with A LOT of pieces - sometimes more than you will ever need! Thoroughly recommended for the serious Dystopian Wars player.

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