Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Crooked Grin of Corregidor


In this post I will be showing off my completed team for the recent Infinity Tournament attended by Winner Dave and myself, talking about some of the colour choices and some of the more difficult parts of painting these exquisite models, as well as some of my future plans for Infinity. 

Apologies to all those readers who have been visiting for Dystopian Wars and are getting sick of all these 28mm filth... rest assured the ships will still sail, but with a local shop opening and the promise of a lot more opportunities for Infinity, this blog might end up shifting focus to give attention to both systems (and any other systems that pass my painting and gaming tables).

For the scheme, I knew I needed something I could paint fast and well, so I decided to work with a lacquered red - not a solid red like the studio scheme but something sleeker and more sinister. I wanted it to give the impression of style as well as substance. The cloth underneath the armour was painted grey as a contrast, and I knew spot colours would appear across the force - whites, yellows and turquoise for the glowing screens and lights.

The red was painted up from a dark brown, with increasing amounts of red added before reaching pure red at the edges. Highlights from there came by adding ochre, and then the armour was washed with a red/brown glaze. Chips were added with a red/tan blend, which was then edged with black and finished with a thin line of Vallejo Silvergrey. This armour was given a gloss varnish before the final matt varnish was applied.

The guns were also painted grey, but using colder Vallejo Sea Grey rather than the Grey Green for the cloth. This was washed with a black glaze to keep it looking like metal. Other spot colours include the yellow for the hazard markers, white for numbers and kill markings, and the brown for the pouches and satchels - this was Vallejo Deck Tan highlight up and washed down.

For the basing, I wanted something that resembled a rusted space station or platform, as an idea I have for a future campaign is set on a ruined orbital installation. I knew orange would work well with the colours chosen for the force, and also wanted to try out some new techniques and paints I had recently acquired. At first I did not know how much the orange would come to dominate the force, but I am very happy with the final result.

After the initial models were painted, I had some serious issues with my spray varnish and almost completely ruined several of the models. They were only saved with some pretty desperate techniques and serious, Malcolm Tucker-level swearing. By the end of the week, some of these models had three, four or even more layers or varnish on them, which has made elements look thicker and less defined than I would prefer. Shit happens, and here we are. I'll know for next time!

Work In Progress - the team assembled
Progress Continues - the team the night before the Tournament
Ready and willing!
The Gecko armed with Mk12. This model took the longest amount of time, given the size and the multiple pieces it was painted in. I wanted to make sure the small control arms underneath would stand up under close scrutiny
Rear view, showing a symbol on the backpack. I am especially happy with how the weathering on the legs turned out
The model is covered in chips and scratches, as I wanted the whole team to be weathered, looking battered and worn compared to the clean lines of an ALEPH or PanOceania force
The side view shows the campaign markings and hazard triangles. The eclipse symbol is a recurring theme throughout the force
The Lunokhod Sputnik with two Crazy Koalas. One of my personal favourite models, this model has a weight to it that I feel most Nomad Remotes lack. On such a large base however - the new 55mm, he struggles to move through dense terrain
Hazard symbols and weathering add a contrast colour to the dominant red
Reaktion Zond with HMG, the first model finished for the team and the first to fall foul of the spray varnish. The finished model has six layers of varnish on it to make up for the initial frosting
The model bears a hazard symbol under the gun, and an eclipse symbol on the other side. The number one next to that marks it as the first model finished for the team
Moran Maasai Manhunter with two Crazy Koalas. I used a Vortex Spec-Ops model to represent the Moran as I dislike the original model but think this guy works well with his satchel and facemask
Hellcat with HMG, another model who really suffered from the varnish mishap. It gathered particularly thick around his legs, giving the impression of thick paint. A shame given how good he looked before! Nonetheless, I am pleased with the model
The Hellcat is one of the few models featuring gloss varnish as I wanted his large helmet to give the impression of a spacesuit. Many of the models in Corregidor are designed for Zero-G environments, and combined with the rusted decking I wanted them to look like the Space Pirates they are
The flight pack features a glowing ball of energy in the centre
The Tomcat, who I use as an Engineer. Unusual for his red-striped helmet, he also features a hazard-triangle on his shoulder pad to mark him out as a Specialist
Many of the models features glowing balls of energy on their forearms, which were painted turquoise and highlighted up to white before being washed back down again
The Tomcat carries many bags and satchels across his body
The Tomcat was the first human model finished for the team, and defined the scheme
The Wildcat Link Team, featuring a Spitfire and Hacker - the hard workers of the entire team, these are the guys who score the Objectives and kill the bad guys
I wanted them to look lethal, dirty and battered but still deadly trained killers
The dust on their legs is somewhat exaggerated by the camera
The Wildcat Hacker, converted from a Wildcat with Spitfire, the head from the Vortex and arms from an Interventor. Depending on how future games go I may use him as a Vortex Hacker. I wanted his pose to convey the idea he was in middle of Hacking when he spots an enemy
The three grunts, these guys come in the Corregidor starter set
I love the poses on these models, nothing too flashy but calm and professional
Wildcat with Spitfire, a gorilla compared to the rest of the team, big and brutish
Wildcat armour is covered in pouches and straps, making it interesting to paint beyond red and grey
Another shot of the team as they currently stand, just over 300pts
Second Wave - as discussed here, the team is ready for some more recruits
A team finished on a tight deadline, but I am very happy with them nonetheless. Hopefully you like them too!

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  1. they look stunning! I like all the effects and your play with colours and dirt/dust.....incredible! Still like the models a lot but have lost my interest and my patience with Infinity some time ago and sold all of my Ariadna. Didn't like some rules and playing style of some guys what not to my liking.

  2. Fraking awesome George, it's cool to see them both in the flesh and photos.
    I've really got to pull my finger out :)