Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Hacker for Hire


Continuing to add more and more troops to the Jurisidictional Command of Corregidor, this week we see two more models finished - the mercenary Hacker Valerya Gromoz and an Intruder Assault Commando. Not quite the excitement of the Iguana TAG last week, but two very important models for the team, and in the case of Gromoz, a good chance to paint some different colours. 
Valerya Gromoz is a mercenary Hacker that often works with the Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor, but maintains her own autonomy
I chose to paint her in a colour scheme very close to the studio scheme as I did not think she would look great with a red or grey colour scheme. The green stands out amid the rest of the team, but this is fine as she is a mercenary and shouldn't fit in
Valerya Gromoz is a very small model, with many fine details. It was fun to paint her, but also quite difficult! I still struggle with faces, especially the eyes, and painting lighter shades of green without becoming chalky 
The second Intruder (on the left) joins like Intruder with HMG conversion (right). This is the Intruder from the Jurisidctional Command of Corregidor starter box, unconverted. I am much happier with the eyes on this miniature than my first Intruder, and feel the model is much "tighter" and cleaner than my first attempt. Practise makes perfect!

This model saw the colour scheme of the Intruders update somewhat, picking out more of the straps across his body to break up the red a bit more. This was a success, and I returned to the Intruder with HMG to pick out the straps on him as well
The Intruder is a great model, covered in small details that make it look like an undercover commando with powerful technologies at his disposal, 
Next up, the Alguaciles Special Weapon box! Looking forward to the HMG and Missile Launcher, plus that pimp hand on the Grenade Launcher-toting Rihanna lookalike! 
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