Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Infinity - SCTS Escalation League 2015


This week sees the start of the second SCTS (South Coast Tournament System, led by Simon of Spectre Gaming Systems) Escalation League for Infinity, and the first of 2015. Five games of increasing size and complexity, with added bonus points for painting new models for your team - of course I was up for it! It was an Escalation League that got me started with Infinity nearly a year ago, and it will be fun to see how far my painting and gaming has progressed. 

The first game will be a mere 120pts, with no Lieutenant and no Advanced Rules like Hacking or Command Tokens, which makes life somewhat easier. With the painting clause in mind, I wanted to include lots of "new" models that I had not used before (or finished painting, at least), which would be difficult as I have been rather... prolific lately with my painting, and the Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor is looking like a small army rather than a crack team of operatives.

The various troop types available to the Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor
The host of Remotes
The "team" so far! Quite the collection has built up over the past few months
Nonetheless, there is still a rather large number of unpainted models sitting near my painting table. I don't think I will be using all of them, but they all need to be painted before I can say I have "finished" my Nomad strike team and begin thinking about my next Faction. These include several models from the new Alguacil Special Weapons boxset, two Salyut Remotes and some other options for the Intruder Assault Commandos, a Clockmaker and a Wildcat. These are all great models, some I have owned for a long time, but not needed strongly enough to slap some paint on. In the past I have found games and tournaments to be a great incentive to get things painted (models like the Iguana), and this Escalation League is a good chance to finish the team.

Alguaciles with special weapons
A Vertigo Zond, flanked by two Salyut Baggage Remotes
Lizard pilot, which will proxy as my Gecko pilot, a slightly converted Karakuri Project which will be painted as a Nomad version of "Chappie" to accompany the Jaguar gang coming next month, and a converted Clockmaker with the head of a Wildcat
Hellcat with Combi-rifle, Intruder with MULTI Sniper Rifle and Wildcat with Combi-rifle
In the near future, I will also be adding the lovely new releases from Corvus Belli - specifically the Jaguar box (I used Jaguars in almost all of my games, but as the official models have not been released yet having been running proxies). In addition, I have a conversion in mind for the Azra'il Special Deterrance Group, an immense model who I think would work well as a proxy for the Dog Warrior McMurrough (a mercenary who can work for Corregidor)

Covered in tattoos, the Jaguars will be a lot of fun to paint
A nice model, but unfortunately I do not think it fits the theme of my team 
Converting and painting this model to fit in with my team is just an excuse to acquire this awesome model
In the coming weeks I will be updating the blog with my gaming results, and showing off the latest progress from the painting table. 

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  1. Hey man nice army, what paints did you use? I like the slightly darker red than the studio version, i have been looking for a paint scheme for my nomads and might go wiht this one.


  2. Hi, cheers for the comment.

    I used GW citadel paints for the red (old recipe, have to stick with it!). Startes with dark brown (Rhinox hide, or something?) then add more and more Mephiston Red. Finally, start adding Tausept Ochre, which has a new name now - but any ochre-like colour should suit.

    Sorry I can't be more specific but I've been adding to the team for a long time and have had to keep using old paints!