Thursday, 11 June 2015

Pacific Escapades


This week, Mike and myself returned to Dystopian Wars after some time off (well, time spent on distractions like Infinity and Dropzone Commander) and tried out some new models. Mike used his new Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet for the first time, while I ran a pure Indian Raj fleet. With 1,500pts each and using the Free to Engage Fleet Orders, this would be nice and easy.

We did not record a full Battle Report as most of the models were unpainted and we wanted something a little more relaxing, but we are planning something more formal for the Narrative Campaign in the coming weeks, rest assured. 

In the mean time, check out the Empire of the Blazing Sun in action!

Battle is joined amid the rocks as the Empire of the Blazing Sun attack a convoy of merchant vessels under the protection of the Indian Raj
As the ships engage amid the rocks, the fleets begin to split into three distinct groups
Early moves saw the Indian fleet advance quickly, while the Empire of the Blazing Sun unleashed a hail of rockets
Close to the merchant fleet, the Yurei Terror Ship joins the Corvettes against Indian Corvette and Cruiser squadrons
The largest vessels close upon one another between the rocks - the Indian flagship is badly mauled, but takes down the Japanese flagship with her
Dealing with the Light Cruisers and Destroyers, the Indian Raj are unable to halt the insidious Zarigani-class Robots
The two fleets clash, losing many of their best ships as they open fire at point-blank range
The Yurei Terror Ship is Captured - what secrets will this incredible vessel reveal?
The Indian flagship and one of the Assault Carriers is lost, but the Empire of the Blazing Sun are shattered in the centre
The port flank is barely held by the Canda-class Monitor and the last surviving Indus-class Heavy Destroyer
The final moments, as the Indian Raj cement their victory and smash the last of the Blazing Sun Gunships
So there we are, another victory for the Indian Raj! The Empire of the Blazing Sun did their best, but some key boarding actions and my numerical advantage in Activations swung the game in my favour. At the end of the third turn, it sat at 995pts for Mike, while the Indian Raj had scored roughly 1,250pts. Close, but no cigar!

Mike enjoyed running his Blazing Sun fleet for the first time, and has big plans to get them painted soon. The test model looked good, I hope they can make an appearance in a proper Battle Report in the near future!

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