Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Scenic Bases


This week I have been hard at work finishing a selection of bases for my aerial units, giving them something special for the battlefield. As discussed in a previous post, using some n-scale miniature cars, some filler and a whole load of plasticard I have built a ruined and overgrown city for the Resistance to defend.

The bases were remarkably quick to build and paint, giving me time to paint a second AH-16 Cyclone Gunship before the Dropzone night at the local gaming club. The bases were also a lot of fun, as I always enjoy painting rust!

So far I have painted four large bases for the three Lifthawks and Hellhog, and four small bases for the Cyclone squadron. Once I have finished my 1,500pt force and added a few extra ground options (Zhukovs, Gun Wagons etc.) I will be concentrating on some more aerial units - Archangel Pathfinders look particularly tempting! These will require more bases, and though I do have a lot of spare n-scale cars, I think I will try something a less cluttered, or something entirely different like a wrecked UCM tank!

Onto the pictures...

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  1. Those look great! One of my biggest aesthetic issues with DzC is the static looking infantry, perfectly-spaced out on bases, and your scenery completely ameliorates that. Nice work.