Thursday, 21 July 2016

Heavy Armour

After the success of the converted Aegean Dropship and finishing Salakahn, Tyrant of Atlantia some weeks ago, I thought it was time to paint up some of my spare Hannibal Battle Tanks, and then add a new Commander to the Resistance. The obvious choice was the Broadsword Heavy Battle Tank of the UCM - converted and modified to suit the crazed minds of the Feral Resistance!
The Meat Grinder leads the rusted fist of the Resistance
Festooned with spikes, saws and grizzly trophies, the Meat Grinder is monstrous to behold
Only the broken imagination of a Feral Resistance mechanic could dream such madness
A rudimentary howdah mounts machine guns and rocket launchers for foes who venture too close
The pieces of the immense vehicle laid out - each track section is bigger than a Katana
The forsaken souls of the Tanis Resistance can field some impressive armour pieces
The conversion was simple - spikes, some chainsaw pieces on the front of the vehicle, a new weapon for the turret and then a mini-howdah on the back in the style of the Battle Buses, packing some machine guns and rockets. Rules-wise, this could count as the Chainguns and Grenade Launcher found on the Alexander, but mainly I did it to look cool. Just don't ask how it fits onto a Lifthawk!
Piles of abandoned vehicles litter the ruined city
Different classes of Battle Tank available to the Resistance forces, including the impressive Mehmed Siege Tank
Heavy armour rolls out!
The War Party sallies forth
Will I use this monster? Perhaps, especially if Hawk can make the Alexander a more tempting choice in the future. I am interested in playing some unusual Defender-Attacker scenarios soon, so perhaps it will appear there. Also, if I run Salakahn as my Commander I can field Alexanders as Heavy choices - running all three of my big tanks could be a lot of fun!

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