Thursday, 14 July 2016

Marvel Rulebook Up For Download!


Knight Models have finally released the rules for the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game for free download. Check it out here! I think this is a great move - one thing slowing interest was the lack of free rules (especially in a bloated games market where a LOT of companies have free rules available), and having to invest in a big starter set to get them. No there is nothing to stop you!

Following new starter sets and factions being released without the mini-rulebooks, it was about time! I hope in the coming future we see some patching of the rules as they get some serious testing, and t the addition of some more scenarios.
Two major hobby developments this week - repainting Emma Frost to be a little less white and more camera friendly, and discovering the Prisma application. I have really fallen in love with how it makes these models look... and you may see some more pictures like this in the future
Psychic war near some major machinery - perhaps Jean Grey can use her telekinesis and drop a forklift truck on the White Queen?
Wolverine encounters the Hellfire Club in a seedy part of town
Out now for free download - sweet!
A couple more weeks until the release of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and I can get some games in!

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