Sunday, 21 August 2016

High Rise


Apologies to everybody for the communication breakdown! Painting all these buildings has driven me insane, and the taking pictures/writing blog posts side of the hobby has suffered as a result. Normal service to resume shortly! In the mean time, here's a few pictures of the latest projects - some tall buildings, and some small buildings!
The latest additions
This small Residential Block was quick and easy to paint
Vents and ducts bring some detail to the flat rook
This tall Residential Block with Shops brings another tall building to the collection - extra floors bring this over the crucial 6" mark
The different sections of the building bring some more colour to the city
The Dubai Skyscraper - tallest building in the city so far, this monstrosity stands out from the rest 
This model easily passes six inches in height without needing any extra floors 
Some colour was added to make it look even more unusual amid the Art Deco-style city
The Cross-shaped Shop building was painted in light colours
The large flat roof should be easy to land on!
The two small buildings together
The city takes shape! This picture was taken before the cross-shaped building had its roof repainted

Next up - three more slightly unusual buildings, a ruin and some elevated roads!
Thanks for reading!



  1. Looking great!
    May i ask what material did you used for the patches of vegetation?

  2. The tufts and flock (I use Burnt Grass) are from Woodland Scenics