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Warmill Elmor Road Mega City Set


I'm coming up to running my third infinity event at my FLGS, where we tend to play games using the 20:20 mission pack to remove the absolute need for specialists and an HVT.  The group I play with are not a competitive lot and the very thought of a tournament is enough to put some people off. With that in mind they have become organised play events, with a nominal fee to the shop for the use of their facilities.

So far I've been very lucky to be able to get my hands on enough terrain to provide some cool looking boards.  This is all thanks to our local warcor (and a chap named Sean) who doesn't mind dropping off boxes of terrain when we need them. I then do my best to provide what terrain I have, which is slowly growing and slowly getting painted. I'd like to be able to provide two complete boards, one a typical city fight board and the other a desert military camp.

Enter the Warmill Elmor Road Mega City set. This is not a high demand item, so I don't think the Warmill guys keep it in stock, there was a slight delay as a fresh one was cut.  I bought the biggest set, that is not elevated.  I think I went too big, this is a lot of board coverage and I can't see me using all of it.  Here it is shortly after construction, it dwarfs my double Warsenal building.

With regards to construction I found the pieces a very tight fit and despite what the instructions say I found trying to push bits out of the frame with just my thumbs of fingers typically lead to tares or frayed bits.  It wasn't long before I stopped that pursuit and went to using a knife.

The road sections connect to each other by use of these small connector parts, which sit up proud of the road. This design makes them fiddly to put together and liable to come apart mid game, which is kinda annoying.  It reminded me of my younger days, playing with electric train sets, spending most of my time fixing and re-fixing the track as connectors came loose.

I wasn't happy with this and decided some modifications were in order.  Rare earth magnets rule the day, so I ordered a bunch of 5x5x2mm. Now that was hard frickin' work, especially when it came time to do the T-Junction pieces. That solution seems to have worked well although it's yet to face trial by combat.

With the construction phase mostly done, it's time to start painting. I bought six cans of Auto Extreme grey primer from eBay. Cheap paint, that does the job.  Not as thin or as nice a finish as a can of Rustoleum but at a fraction of the price.

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It's quite a nice grey, a little darker and a little bluer than I'd doesn't immediately yell road, but this is the future so anything can happen.  Time to break out the airbrush and maybe tone the grey down a bit.

True to form I went back and forth with schemes and technique, which meant getting the road set complete took me a while.  Having a deadline really helped as I wanted it ready for the third Infinity Games day at Entoyment.

The complete set

The future really is orange
Hector and company holding the junction
Man the walls!
Here's a couple of set up shots from the Games Day.
Busy streets!
We used the SWAT van as the central objective for one of the 20:20 missions.  The vehicles aren't mine (although I wish they were).

My terrain collection is certainly getting there in terms of amount, but I feel it's lacking cohesion and doesn't really tell a story.

My next project is to pimp out the road with accessories in the form of road blocks and a fleet of vehicles.

Thanks for reading, suggestions are always welcome.


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