Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Lady Mastermind


Following several weeks of Dropzone Commander terrain madness, I have been rather lax with painting the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants for the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game. Transitioning from 10mm scale terrain to 28mm (35mm?) highly detailed miniatures is tough - apparently battering them with a drybrush does not give the best results!

For this reason, there has not been a huge amount of progress - but today I bit the bullet and got to work on the "easiest" of the Brotherhood, Lady Mastermind. Dominated by black, skintones and a few details, the paintjob was deceptively difficult. These are aspects of painting that need to be done well, as they make up a huge proportion of the model. I was particularly concerned with the skintone, as I wanted her to be pale without making her ghoulish or translucent.
Regan Wyngarde, daughter of Mastermind and one of the foes of the X-men
Casting telepathic illusions to confuse and trick her foes, Lady Mastermind is considered extremely powerful
Telepathic war as Jean Grey challenges Lady Mastermind
Colossus and Nightcrawler try to bring her in, but can they trust what they see?
Joined by Emma Frost, Lady Mastermind takes on the Wolverine and Gambit
More psychic wars! But Lady Mastermind also has a gun...
Deadpool is probably too deranged to pull any of these tricks on
Neutral mutants Gambit and Emma Frost can work with Lady Mastermind
One down! Let's see if I can get the rest done before the next round of releases from Knight Models!

Editor's note - I'm pretty unhappy with how these pictures have turned out. The extreme highlights on Lady Mastermind have thrown off the white balance of the camera, and I'm struggling to correct it. She has many fine details that are blurred here. More pictures in better light conditions to follow! 

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  1. It's a shame you're not happy with the pictures - it looks like a fabulous job to me.

    I'm not very familiar with the game or the whole Marvel Universe (or the DC one!), so I'm not judging them by how I think they ought to be but just by how good they look here.

    I think they look very good!

  2. Cheers! I'm pretty pleased with the model itself, just not the quality of the photos. Hoping to get better resolution in the future