Monday, 5 September 2016

Enemies of the X-Men - Toad and Pyro


Last week saw the first of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants painted - Lady Mastermind. In the days following, I have completed all five, and can now field all of the Mutants available in the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game! I am happy with this achievement, and anxiously await the next set of releases. 

In the mean time, I think I might try some terrain specifically for this game - I have ordered a Comic Book Store from TTCombat and look forward to putting that together. Combined with some Infinity terrain I should be able to field a full table or two. 

On to the models - first up, Pyro and Toad!
Looking rather different to their movie counterparts, Pyro and Toad are nonetheless faithful to the comics and animated series
Pyro is especially flamboyant, with his billowing flames and bright outfit
Burning up Cyclops' prized motorbikes!
St. John Allerdyce may have bitten off more than he can chew here
The Incredible Nightcrawler will have to get out of the way fast!
The foul Toad slinks forward
Originally I was not a fan of this model at all - it's very different from the movie version and the giant ruff is pretty stupid. Nonetheless, it is faithful to the comics! Since painting him I have come to really like the model
Mortimer Toynbee better act fast with his foul spit to stop Jean Grey pasting him
Magneto's goons take on the finest of the X-men... oh dear
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