Thursday, 29 September 2016



Hey all,

Been a while since I last posted, real life, new job, DIY, blah blah blah...

I've been meaning to get Thamyris on the board for ages now, as hacking goes I prefer the sound of a vanilla Hacking Device that's not stuck in a Link Team, although that remains to be seen. Also as Tom and Kip at Mayacast were running a MasterGlass painting competition for named characters, this gave me a pseudo deadline to work to.  I have no expectations of winning as I spent about 1 week on him, but if he gets mentioned in the Mayacast podcast I'll be happy.

 As far as painting goes, for some reason I used the same colour for his trousers as I did for the webbing, but I used Ivory to highlight with over my usual Sunny Skintone.  I definitely feel more at home with the natural colours.

His eyes came out a bit...googly, but I'm too chicken to try to fix them up.

Overall, he's a bit different from my Myrmidons, I've put the airbrush down and am working solely with paintbrush at the moment (bar priming and varnishing).

Well, okay that was a lie, the orange glow is airbrushed...but that's it.

So, Thamyris is going to change my list up a bit.  I'll drop the Myrmidon Hacker for him, which frees up seven points.  Hector now sporting a sexy Plasma Rifle will jump across to make the four man Link Team with Eudoros and the 2 Myrmidons.

I think the Pitcher is going to be a really interesting piece of equipment to learn and I'm going to enjoy the protection from Guided fire, the bonus to the Ekdromos landing roll and the clocking the Daleth Rebot. So many good things, can't wait to get him into battle.

Really, I should have been painting an HVT model so everything on the table is painted, but I'm so sick of running the same terrible list that I had to go something about it.  Next up it's a bit more scatter terrain and then the HVT.

Thanks for reading, feedback is always welcome


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