Thursday, 8 September 2016

Master of Magnetism

Finally, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants have their leader! With the completion of Sabretooth and Magneto I have completed all the available Brotherhood miniatures, and no longer have any excuses to start playing the game.
The Master of Magnetism!
Magneto is not a small model, with a huge billowing cloak and tall silhouette. He was not exactly a pleasure to paint! Starting from within and painting outward, he was completed in around three or four hours
The hardest part was probably the cloak around his shoulders and hand, and the decision on how to paint his fist. Originally I tried some source-lighting and glowing blue (like the studio model) but this did not work out well
Magneto and his snivelling servant Toad
Cyclops and Jean Grey may have to duck
Colossus and Wolverine realise the Professor may have sent the wrong X-Men for this job
Gambit's dark past leads him to temptation
Sabretooth faces the police
Unlike Pyro and Magneto, Sabretooth was a pleasure to paint. His simple colour scheme and large size make things easy
Old foes face off (literally?)
Deadpool starts to reconsider his offer to join the X-Men
Some extra pictures of Lady Mastermind
She deals with the police in a different manner
Emma Frost and Lady Mastermind combine their powers
The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants go out for dinner
Joined by Emma Frost they are a hefty 47pts - not too bad for a new Faction
Mutants face off! I cannot wait for some bigger mutants to arrive - Blob, Juggernaut and Beast will be fantastic additions to the range
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  1. This all looks amazing George. I've had my X-Men for a little while now, and you have inspired me to get them done (after Invasion of course).
    Might even read the rulebook too, possibly even play a few games!!!