Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Death From Above

Okay, maybe just one Battleship, but with the magnetised turret options to run both a Tokyo-class and a Beijing-class. God forbid I ever play a game big enough to run both! This monster has taken most of the past week to finish, and the vessel alongside it, my second Atlantis-class Battle Cruiser, was comparatively simple.

Both of these vessels feature Fleet Tenders closely escorting them - this was an idea picked up from  the Halo capital ships by Spartan Games. I love the look of the huge Battleships closely escorted by flocks of smaller ships, and after seeing a Corvette variant in the Dropfleet Facebook group, I was inspired to build up a few and add them to my larger vessels (I felt they were a little small to operate alone).

The overall look is a far busier fleet, a huge collection of vessels swarming around the capital ships rather than a scattering of solitary squadrons. I am not intending to go crazy with this in the future, and will be limiting the amount of "extra" ships to the last few, important vessels. Hopefully you guys like the effect as much as I do though!

Full credit to the guy who came up with this design for the smaller vessels - I can't find your name on the Facebook group as I've lost track of the original post! I will edit if I come across it in the future.

On to the pictures!

The Tokyo-class Battleship with attendants 
The Tokyo-class Battleship UCMS Last Shadow joins the New York-class Fleet Carrier UCMS Harman Dae-Jung
The attendant escorts cling closely to their mothership
The engines glow a dull blue as the ship moves into position over the target planet
A Berlin-class Cruiser matches speed with the Beijing-class Battleship
The Atlantis-class Battle Cruiser UCMS Black Philip with attendant escort and squadron of bombers
The Black Philip is the second Atlantis-class Battle Cruiser in Battlefleet New Carthage, marked out by the single black panel along the central spine of the vessel. Officially a discontinued variant now outclassed by the new Johannesburg-class Battle Cruisers, the shipyards of New Carthage were forced to rush into completion their unfinished Atlantis-class Battle Cruisers in the wake of the Scourge invasion of UCM space
The three Battle Cruisers moving as a squadron
The Black Philip and the Scopuli deploy their squadrons
A small Task Group masses for battle
The UCMS Sirocco and a number of smaller vessels 
The latest additions to Battlefleet New Carthage
The Scopuli alongside the Battleship Sirocco
Next up, the Santiago-class Corvettes and perhaps the fourth Battle Cruiser

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