Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Return of the Thras

My Thrasymedes model has been in dire need of a re-paint.  I actually stripped him a long time ago, which was probably a mistake. With his new paint job he fits in much better with the rest of my Steel Phalanx force, but I must admit that I find him a difficult model to paint. I can't quite put my finger on why, the details feel very shallow which doesn't help and the sword is really really thin.  I painted the sword lots of times and got quite bloody minded about it in the end.

The SMG has come out quite nicely though, so I'm pretty pleased with that.  It's funny how in my head I'm using the exact same technique/recipes that I've used for all my weapons, yet I can get quite varied results.

It's annoying that he's not one of my best painted models as Thras has become an almost "auto-include" in any list. As the only model in Steel Phalanx with Infiltration I'm finding him too important to leave behind, usually so he can push buttons, pull levers, download data packs, etc.  His AP SMG is handy for taking on the heavily armoured units and with ODD he's hard to shift in the reactive turn when in suppressive fire mode. As long as I take care to note where my opponents MSV equipped troops are, they can be at a potential -12 to hit him (-6 ODD, -3 cover, -3 supp fire). As he's also equipped with a 360 Visor, no one is sneaking up on him either.

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  1. Despite your difficulties I think you've done a great job! I agree, the weapon does look especially good!