Thursday, 7 August 2014

A Life On The Ocean Waves


My annual holiday is sacred. Enjoying the beach, fishing and relaxing away from the phone, the internet and work for over a week. If there is a chance of bad weather, I like to take a few models, just in case. In this entry, I will discuss some of the models that have been waiting their turn at the painting table. 

In addition to the Russians discussed in last weekend's post, the Federated States of America will soon be reinforced with the new Naval Starter Box, featuring another squadron of the powerful Georgetown-class Cruisers and the indomitable Liberty-class Heavy Battleship. Alongside them, the new Annapolis-class Battle Cruiser and San Francisco-class Assault Carrier will be making their first appearance, bringing with them some powerful firepower and extra flyer support. In addition to the contents of the box, I have acquired two more of the Apollo-class Support Carriers, vessels which fit the American ship design well. Combined with the Carriers already painted for the FSA fleet and the new San Francisco, they should soon rule the skies.
Two new vessels for the Federated States of America - the Battle Cruiser and the Assault Carrier
The Battle Cruiser may be an ugly ship, but it packs the firepower of a Battleship with solid defensive statistics and a shield generator. In a fleet that has always had to choose between rockets and shields, this is a big one, and makes the Annapolis an excellent investment.
Annapolis-class Battle Cruiser
The superstructure of the vessel is crowded with machinery and generators, making for a densely detailed model that looks like it could dish out a great of damage. Colour scheme-wise I doubt I will try anything out of the ordinary, though the greater size of the engine block and funnels will give a good opportunity for more bronze and brass.
San Francisco-class Assault Carrier, with the various Generator options available
Featuring some powerful Fore Guns and a wide choice of Generators, the San Francisco is a potent addition to the fleet. The model fits the aesthetic of the FSA and should not offer any surprises, but I am particularly curious about how I will paint the Sonic Generator.

Infinity gets some more love too - reinforcements for the Nomad Nation
I recently bought some more models for Infinity as well, adding a Rocket Launcher to the Wildcat Link Team and three Intruders that will no doubt cause chaos. These models will probably not be taken on holiday, but may make an appearance in another Infinity tournament in September.

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