Friday, 29 August 2014

Striking A Balance


Another instalment for the constantly expanding FSA fleet, today we see the San Francisco-class Assault Carrier ready for service, a vessel with a solid carrier capacity and some impressive guns, packed the always popular Devastating Ordnance. Featuring a choice of Generators or a Rocket Battery, the San Francisco can play as a dependable Carrier anchoring a point in the fleet or as an offensive gunboat, putting out firepower equivalent to a Battle Cruiser.
The placement of the Generator at the rear is a nice choice, but I wonder at the practicality of flying through a hail of rockets!
The powerful Fore Guns of the Battle Cruiser are one of the main attractions of the Assault Carrier, bringing Devastating Ordnance to a fleet that usually relies on turret fire
Yellow was chosen for the tiny flyers as I wanted a new colour for the new squadrons - specifically they would represent Dive Bombers, flying out of the sun to drop their payload
The Carrier features a choice of Generators and a Rocket Battery - not pictured is the Sonic Generator, which I have not yet painted
The San Francisco may have more in common with the latest generation of FSA vessels, but still fits in well with the older, larger Fleet Carrier
The Assault Carrier alongside the other recent addition for the fleet, the Annapolis-class Battle Cruiser
Length-wise, the two models are very similar
Overhead, however, we see how large the San Francisco really is, as befits a mighty Carrier
As with the recently featured Annapolis-class Battle Cruiser, I really love painting FSA vessels. The green is forgiving to paint and delightfully simple, while the decking on this ship in particular adds a challenge that I have enjoyed. The model is simple but effective, and the little details are excellent, like the stars on the paddle-wheels.

This vessel also gave me the opportunity to work out a new yellow scheme for the tiny flyers as well, which will be useful for future squadrons. Watch this space for some more, smaller Mercenary Carriers painted in the FSA colour scheme, and some Dive Bombers in yellow livery.

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  1. looks great and I love the new carrier (not so sure about the new battle cruiser, looks a bit overcrowded but that seems to be intentional).