Wednesday, 13 August 2014

To Blot Out The Sun

For when you absolutely must level the entire city in one flyover
The busy folks at Spartan have not been idle over the summer holidays (comments about my own painting productivity to be kept to yourselves, thank you). Recently posted on their Facebook page, we have confirmation of more units for the Core Nations coming soon!
Dystopian Wars 'Heavy' Bombers   
Hi All,
Just a quick post to keep you up to date with something the guys are working on for Dystopian Wars - Heavy Bombers. We're creating some add-on boxes for the core 7 nations that feature new models, with our resin Heavy Bombers at their core.
Pictured here is the Prussian Heavy along with some comparison shots to help you get a sense of size. 
All the best.
So we have word that all of the Core Nations will be receiving add-on boxes, which is great news - especially with the recent previews of new models for the Alliance Nations. With the focus of those previous previews on Aerial models, and now "Heavy" Bombers, will we be seeing a strong focus on Aerial releases? I think so.

The design meshes incredibly well with the existing aesthetic, which was recently updated with the Zerstorer-class Strike Bomber. The detail is gorgeous, from the cross on the tail to the engines to the Tesla-weaponry on the spine and nose of the Bomber. The Strike Bombers were a joy to paint, and this should be even better in resin
This first preview shows the sheer size of the beast, putting it equivalent to a Battle Cruiser or Monitor when compared to a standard Cruiser in the Naval theatre of Dystopian Wars. Of course, size is not everything - weaponry is! A Speerschleuder - maybe even a Heavy Speerschleuder, sits in the middle, while no doubt extensive bomb bays lie underneath - full of Tesla Bombs, I reckon. What intrigues me lies under the nose cone - another Tesla weapon?
Given the size of the Pflicht-class Scoutship, this new Heavy Bomber has an incredible wingspan
So what does this herald for Dystopian Wars, and what kind of stats will we see? I think the best comparison we can currently draw is the Limited Edition Valkyrie's Fury, a Heavy Bomber with prodigious weaponry, but perhaps a little slow for "competitive" play. Beyond game-winning rules however, they will expand the Aerial aspect of the game a great deal, bringing another Large (I'm guessing it is a Large class, like the Valkyrie's Fury) and for the Prussians, another flying option beyond Zeppelins.

The B-72 Heavy Bomber, reminding you the FSA Air Armada have some actual planes as well as their blimp and ridiculous robots

I love the detail of the stars on the wings, and the massive rocket/torpedo launchers of course

Brutally uncompromising, the FSA Bomber brings massive firepower to the table

These Heavy Bombers are BIG models!

Expecting something like last year's add-on boxes is not a bad idea, in my mind. One Large vessel, a squadron or two of Mediums and a squadron of Smalls with accompanying tokens and SAWs as required, but with a strong focus on the Aerial theatre. Perhaps the FSA and Covenant of Antarctica will receive a few more Naval vessels, as they had an entirely Aerial force last time, or the Prussians and Empire of the Blazing Sun will have a mixed box-set as they were mixed last time. I think we can safely assume all seven Nations will receive a Heavy Bomber though. Nothing is confirmed, of course - the only thing close we have seen so far is the Chinese Federation's Aerial Support Box and the Suppression Group, both of which contain new Aerial models, but I am unsure about generalising a special release like the Chinese Federation, which have received FIVE new (or at least reorganised) boxes in one wave of releases.

Regardless of this baseless conjecture, we have been seeing a LOT of Aerial models planned for the future, and now we have confirmation that it is not just the Alliance Nations that will be receiving reinforcements. As usual, it is an exciting time for Dystopian Wars, and we need not fear that Firestorm: Planetfall will take all of the attention... though it does look extremely cool!

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