Monday, 15 September 2014

Intruder Alert


Following his sterling performance in the recent finale of the Escalation League, the Intruder with HMG has received a lick of paint, and is ready for the coming tournament this weekend.

The Intruder Assault Commando
The Intruder Assault Commando features many similarities with other Corregidor units, with segmented red armour and a grey bodysuit beneath. He carries a number of pouches and a holstered pistol. Stripped-down high tech systems hidden beneath the armour plates enable the Intruder to operate a form of optical combat camouflage, as pictured in the top photo
The drum-fed HMG is a compact but still incredibly powerful version of the standard Nomad HMG, perfect for the covert operations Intruders specialise in
Medium Infantry With All The Toys 
One of the most powerful units available to the Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor, the Intruder with HMG packs an incredible punch with his heavy weapon and combines it with some of the best special rules in the game. Statistically, the Intruder is also a beast, with high Ballistic Skill, good Armour and a reasonable cost in both Points and Special Weapon Cost. His Movement may be slow, but this is a reflection of the entire Sectorial. Provided he is in the correct position, the Intruder will not need to worry about being too slow anyway.

Multispectral Visor - Level 2
This allows the Intruder to see through some of the tricks available to many of his foes, such as detecting Camouflage without a negative modifier, and Shoot at said targets without penalty as well. This also applies against Optical Disruption Devices, which my friend Winner Dave has in abundance, and Low Visibility Zones such as those caused by Smoke. This helps offensively, when the enemy is trying to hide behind a wall of Smoke, and defensively - another member of the Nomad team can shroud the area with Smoke and the Intruder can shoot through it. A very useful piece of kit!

CH: Camouflage
Camouflage is relatively rare in the Corregidor Sectorial, and this makes the Intruder a surprise for the opposing player. It adds a layer of survivability to the Intruder that makes his long-range position with the HMG even more powerful. Unfortunately the low Movement value can mean getting out of sight to re-camo can be rather Order intensive, but this is not something I worry about too much.

Icing on an already pretty sweet cake. Always useful for moving around, especially when every target has got out of the way as fast as they can!

Tough Hombres - the Intruders are sent to action where the workers from Corregidor smell trouble, and are often deployed hidden amongst contractors and worker teams where they can operate in the middle of the action
The weapon is converted from the Sniper Rifle that the original model was armed with. I shortened the barrel, and then added a drum magazine from a GW Dark Eldar weapon called a Shredder. This conversion was inspired by a model I had seen recently on Data Sphere, by a user named Hydra. Great work, and thank you for the inspiration! Your "Army of Three" is sublime.

Their function is to guarantee the security of Nomad citizens and prepare an escape route in case things get ugly. The Intruders' mission is being always ready to execute offensive actions of short, medium or large scale, beyond the usual range and capacity of other units in the Corregidor Military Force, to protect the interests of the Nomad Nation.
A fine addition to the Nomad Nation, and one of my favourite models in the Faction. It was a real pleasure to paint. Originally I wanted to paint him in a similar manner to the Studio model, with lots of leather browns and reds, but the scheme that has worked so well across the rest of the force won out.

The helmet being red makes him look different to the Wildcats, along with the extra armour all over the legs and arms, and given the role of the Intruder as a Camouflaged support trooper I did not want him looking too different to the rest. Like all of the Nomads, the red begins as a dark brown to which more and more red is added, until it is pure red. Ochre is then added, on the extreme edges. The trick is keep the highlights thin.

Reliable, aggressive and tireless, the Intruder stands out amongst an already impressive troops of Corregidor, and can be found on the front lines before they have even been drawn

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