Sunday, 28 September 2014

Time To Go Mobile


With the release of Operation: Icestorm, Corvus Belli have really put themselves on the map and brought Infinity to the frontline of miniature wargaming. Sales have been astronomical, and with the upcoming release of the Third Edition Rulebook (before Christmas, they hope), there has never been a better time to get into the game. I picked up my copy of Operation: Icestorm direct from Corvus Belli, securing myself a couple of limited edition miniatures and making sure I got my copy on time - unfortunately for some, demand has been so high that an unlucky few will have to wait until October for their order.

So far, as you can see, I have painted his base and his head, with work put into the suit under the armour and his gun. I was once told the most important parts of the miniature are "Bases and Faces"
The suit under the armour is incredibly detailed, a hexagon-pattern mesh
There have been innumerable blog posts and videos across the Internet detailing the contents and what all the beautiful models look like, and I am not going to bother with that. I'm just going to record my progress as I add the Nomad models to my rapidly expanding Corregidor team! Today, we start with the big guy - the Mobile Brigada. In the future, I will paint some more of the models and show off the great terrain that comes in the box, perhaps with a short Battle Report.

As with the entire Corregidor team, his armour will be battered and weathered. In this shot, we can see the scratches across the faceplate
The Mobile Brigada are the heavy infantry regiments of Corregidor. They are tough, versatile troops, useful in both attack and defence. As well as complying with their normal heavy infantry functions, the Brigadas serve as a form of pressure group preventing the abuse of Corregidorian operatives by the clients who have contracted them
Last Thursday saw his first appearance on the field, and I should have remembered my rule about only playing with painted models - my opponent got him with a Hacker and Immobilised him before he could fire a shot. Said Hacker promptly waltzed up and shot him to bits. Ouch! I think I need to invest in some better counter-hacking troopers.

The Mobile Brigada stands with three Alguaciles - he is quite imposing in his powered armour compared to their leather jackets! 
Painting continues... and hopefully next time he makes an appearance, he will be finished.

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