Wednesday, 17 September 2014

What's On The Painting Table? September Edition


My painting process can be seen as somewhat esoteric, especially so when painting a new fleet. While most people would want to paint a test model before committing to a scheme, usually a cruiser or other Medium vessel, I often decide to paint one of everything before finishing off the squadrons and rounding out the fleet. Here, we see the fruit of my efforts over the past couple of days - following the success of the first Cruiser (seen here) I have painted one of each of the different ship types. All I need to do now is finish the Cruiser, Heavy Destroyer and Corvette squadrons, and I will have a finished 1000pt fleet! 

The progression of the ship sizes
Jhasa-class Assault Carrier
My second Jhasa will be modelled with a Guardian Generator
Chanura-class Heavy Battleship
As well as packing three powerful turrets, the Chanura is a terrifying Boarding threat
An imposing sight with the three turrets all facing forward
Canda-class Monitor
The Canda is built around the massive Howitzer Bombard
A small broadside adds to the firepower, and Shield Generator offers good protection
Indus-class Heavy Destroyer
With Linkable turrets and broadsides, the Indus is a threat to any size of enemy vessel
Veeran-class Corvette
The camouflage pattern still works well on such a small vessel
Devak-class Cruiser
The Cruiser and escorts - the size of the Heavy Destroyer marks it as something more than the usual Small vessel
The Monitor is significantly bigger than the Cruiser, entirely due to the massive Bombard
Heavy Battleship with Monitor and Cruiser
The Assault Carrier with Cruiser and Corvette
From the aft, we see the Generators protecting the various classes of ship
The Indian fleet steams to victory
Tiny Flyer tokens, painted in a deep sea blue
Today I was challenged to a game of Warhammer 40,000 by an old friend. Neither of us had played the new Edition and it was refreshing to give it a go. The new rules for achieving Objectives were fun and overall it seemed like a polishing of the 6th Edition rules, though in my head I kept thinking about Infinity and getting some sweet AROs. The coming release of the new Dark Eldar Codex may offer a distraction as they were one of my favourite forces, but I think Dystopian Wars and Infinity will hold their position as top games.

The Raven Guard assault the Black Legion in the ruins of an Imperial city - my force specialised in Jump Infantry and Drop Pod assault, while Craig was running a mechanised Chaos force with lots of tanks
Though the Ravens suffered brutally, in the end they secured their Objectives and won 10-9. Excellent fun, close game!
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