Thursday, 9 October 2014

SCTS Infinity Escalation League - Preparation


In a previous post I discussed the new local gaming club, and the Infinity scene I have become involved in. This week, they begin their first Infinity Escalation League, which has been made an official ITS (Infinity Tournament System) League, with a small tournament at the end of the five games. This is being run by the LVL UP team, who ran the past two tournaments I have attended. Exciting stuff, and an excellent opportunity for me to paint up some more models for the Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor, trying out new weapon options and troops types not previously utilised.

The latest team is assembled
The first game will be 120pts, with a restriction of seven models and nothing with more than two wounds or structure points. Not much of a problem for Corregidor, though I did worry that in such a small game, something with Camouflage or an Optical Disruptor would really mess up my day. With this in mind, my first choice was an Intruder with HMG.

The hard-worker of the team, I am expecting good things from this guy
Backing him up would be three Alguaciles, basic line troopers that come in the recently released Operation: Icestorm box. Including these three models in the list would help inspire me to paint them up!

The grunts of the Corregidor armed forces, these guys are cheap and cheerful compared to the more elite Wildcats I usually run
A Moran Maasai Manhunter was chosen for his Infiltration and Crazy Koalas - hopefully they would cause a serious headache for anyone not used to dealing with them. Jumping on and taking out an enemy model would be very important in this early stage of the League, where we are limited in how many troops we can take.

The Moran Maasai Manhunter is a veteran of the team, using the Vortex Spec-Ops model to represent him
Lastly, I chose a simple Wildcat Lieutenant. She would be a cheap leader for the team, costing no SWC, and would form the beginning of the Wildcat Link Team that I will be building towards in the coming games. I do not think we actually need a Lieutenant in the early missions but she will take this role as there will be a need later in the campaign.

The Wildcat Lieutenant is based off the Wildcat with Heavy Rocket Launcher, with an arm swap to give her a Combi-rifle. In the future, this model will represent a new Wildcat Hacker, but I thought she looked special enough to be the Lieutenant for these early games of the League
So there we are with the initial six-man team. For the second round I am thinking of dropping the Manhunter and an Alguacil for two more Wildcats, one of whom will carry a Spitfire. These could then work with the Wildcat Lieutenant as a small Link Team all being well. Playing the first game will be the important step though, so we will see if that plan works out.

Future Projects - another converted Moran Maasai Manhunter and a Gecko with two Combi-rifles
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