Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Thrasymedes and the Thorakitai


When George kindly donated Thrasymedes (a special character for the ALEPH faction) to my initial band of ALEPH I didn't realise what a great unit he is.  Initially I thought he could only be used in Spec-Ops or scenarios as he could only be bought as part of the Dire Foes Scenario box-set, but a bit of reading and I discovered he's just a regular unit that you can take.  Thanks George ;)

Thras is available in two flavours, either infiltrating or as Enomotarchos for Thorakitai. The latter means Thras is armed with a Light Rocket Launcher, which I'm hoping to put to good use.  I love the model of Thras... he's so cool and with hair like that definitely a L'OrĂ©al user.

Chandra Sergeant Thrasymedes
Thorakites with Chain Rifle
I find painting non-historical stuff really hard as the paint scheme is totally up to you.  I think these poor figures have survived four iterations of painting and stripping.  I'm pleased with this scheme of turquoise and dark grey and will be sticking with it for my Steel Phalanx force.  Not sure I've got the scheme quite right yet, the back packs are a little boring so would benefit from a little variation.

Thorakites with Light Rocket Launcher
Painting the Thorakitai was tough as I don't really like the models and had to kinda power through them in order to get them done.  The models seem top heavy, with legs that look like something out of Hornblower. Rocket Launcher dude looks a bit "ballet" to me and Chain Rifle guy needs a wall to lean against.  Mr. Combi-Rifle looks alright

Thorakites with Combi-Rifle
I'm used to 15mm figures so up scaling to 28mm has meant jumping back on the learning curve and I've learned a lot from these guys.
  • Don't glue them to the bases until they're done.
  • More layers... finer transitions.
  • I suck at airbrushing 28mm figures
  • Darker Shades
Anyway, I think some of the rank and file Myrmidons are due for some attention so hopefully I can put what I've learned to good use.

A view from the back shows all their gear
Thanks for looking, feedback is welcome.

Winner Dave

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