Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Shipping Crates by Warsenal



Please allow me to introduce myself quickly, I'm George's mate Dave aka Winner Dave or sometimes just plain Winner.  The nickname was bestowed upon me and it's ironic, like calling a big guy 'titch'.

On with the post...

I managed to get my hands on these small shipping crates by Warsenal (one of the official Infinity partners and terrain makers) and I think they are pretty cool.  At the time I was revising for exams, but I felt the need to paint something and these gave me the opportunity to get something done in a couple of hours.

As with a lot of terrain you buy now-a-days it's made from MDF.  I know MDF can be a pain to paint, so I primed with Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Craft Enamel Spray (Black).

Then using an airbrush I used a dilute mix of VGC Cold Grey to lay a base colour down.  I added a second layer, but focussing on the centre of panels.  Highlights were made by adding VGC Wolf Grey to the mix.  To shade I used a very dilute mix of VMC Black Grey.  Chips were added by sponging on VPA Dark Rust...it's easy to get carried away at this point :)

The coloured stripes were made by sponging on Maskol, once dry I used a regular paint brush to apply the colours.  Then I used a pencil rubber to pull the maskol off, leaving the cracked paint effect.

As you can see the crates can be slotted together nicely to make interesting shapes.  The doors can be removed and you can buy extras like ladders and walkways.

Hope you like them...my next post will be the start of my ALEPH force.

Winner Dave

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