Thursday, 7 April 2016

Repair Job


My latest project has been a squadron of Rudnitsky-class Repair Cruisers, vessels for the Russian Coalition that can repair other vessels in the fleet and bring some extra survivability to an already tough fleet
Initially I was not a fan of the vessels as they are odd-looking and ungainly, but after seeing trawlers off the coast of Florida I realised how funky they really are. They can't avoid the "bumper car" comparison, especially when they move into a controlled contact with their target vessel, but I'll forgive them for that. They are also huge! A lot bigger than I expected
I was inspired to paint them up after losing the Petrushka in a recent Battle Report. A squadron of these would have kept him alive a bit longer! 
They will also be useful in the future, when I plan to run more larger vessels for the Russian fleet
The Repair Cruiser is armed with an invisible mortar, useful for throwing some pain on enemy vessels that venture too close
The Repair Cruisers initially took some time due to the large amount of detail and different materials, but once I completed one, the rest were easy and finished quickly
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